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Undergraduate Advising | SIS

Welcome to the SIS Undergraduate Advising Office

We are a team of student development professionals in the School of International Service. We inform undergraduate students about the curriculum and university regulations and assist them in developing their academic and professional goals. By providing a supportive environment, we give students the opportunity to succeed and grow into responsible global citizens.

How To Reach Us

Located in SIS 103

Phone: 202-885-1639

Fax: 202-885-2494 (Attention: SIS Undergraduate Advising)

Office Hours

Monday from 9 AM-1 PM and 4 PM-5 PM

Tuesday-Friday 9 AM-1 PM and 2 PM-5 PM

Our Structure

We utilize a team model. Most students prefer to see the first available advisor, but students may choose to see the same advisor for each appointment if they prefer.

Students spend the first two years defining their interests and goals for college and exploring the thematic areas of the SIS major. As part of this process, peer advisors assist first-year students with creating four year plans. In the third and fourth year of their academic program, students focus their attention on defining their career goals.

Our front desk staff can: 

  • grant certain prerequisite waivers
  • explain general university policies and procedures
  • discuss how to register for internships and independent studies
  • determine whether your concern requires an appointment with an advisor

There is also an advisor on duty at all times that the office is open. The on call advisor can answer 5-10 minute "express advising" questions including:

  • urgent personal issues
  • final signatures on forms that students have already discussed with an advisor
  • students who are considering taking a leave from the university
  • confirming your intended schedule for next semester
  • other quick questions

Complex personal issues and questions involving significant discussion are addressed in appointments. Some examples include:

  • long-term academic planning
  • study abroad preparation
  • selecting a thematic area
  • deciding on a study abroad program
  • exploring a new major

Please start by visiting us during express advising. If we can't fully resolve your question, we will schedule an appointment for you.

Prospective Students

Thinking about applying to SIS as an incoming freshman or transfer student? Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office for information about Preview Days, Day Visits, and campus tours. Questions about the undergraduate program can be directed to

Last Update: 25 July 2016