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School of Communication Student Ambassadors

Meet Undergraduate Students: SOC Student Ambassadors

The SOC Student Ambassadors are current undergraduate students available to answer your questions and show you how to make the most of your college experience. Browse through their profiles below to determine whose interests are similar to your own. Feel free to contact the SOC Student Ambassadors directly about any information provided in their profile or questions you have.

SOC Student Ambassador Team:

Emily Ambach

SOC Emily Ambach

Meet Emily

Shana Blackman

SOC Shana Blackman

Meet Shana

Lauren Clemence

SOC Lauren Clemence

Meet Lauren

Cate Cronin

SOC Cate Cronin

Meet Cate

Lindsy Crutchfield

SOC Lindsy Crutchfield

Meet Lindsy

Coby Eiss

SOC Coby Eiss

Meet Coby

William Jack Fitzpatrick

William Jack Fitzpatrick

Meet Jack

Alex Fraioli

SOC Alexandra Fraioli

Meet Alex

Christopher Diamond

SOC Christopher Diamond

Meet Christopher

Coby Eiss

SOC Coby Eiss 2015

Meet Coby

Ellie Hartleb

SOC Ellie Hartleb

Meet Ellie

Gabrielle Mathis

Gabrielle Mathis

Meet Gabrielle

Alison Jones

SOC Alison Jones

Meet Alison

Megan Mileusnic

SOC Megan Mileusnic

Meet Megan

Melanie Salemno

SOC Melanie Salemno

Meet Melanie

Tam Sackman

SOC Tam Sackman

Meet Tam

Shannon Scovel

SOC Shannon Scovel

Meet Shannon

Ana Srikanth

SOC Anagha Srikanth

Meet Ana

Morgan Mitchell

SOC Morgan Mitchell

Meet Morgan

Kelly Phares

SOC Kelly Phares

Meet Kelly

Melanie Salemno

SOC Melanie Salemno 2015

Meet Melanie

Martin Valderrunten

SOC Martin Valderruten

Meet Martin

Alejandra Vega

SOC Alejandra Vega

Meet Alejandra

Ryan Venezia

SOC Ryan Venezia

Meet Ryan

Ginell Turner

SOC Ginell Turner

Meet Ginell

Thomas Libbey

SOC Thomas Libbey

Meet Thomas

Michael Zubizarreta

SOC Michael Zubizarreta

Meet Michael

Katie O'Gorman

SOC Katie O'Goreman

Meet Katie

Mary Elder

Meet Mary

Kelly Moseman

Meet Kelly

Claire Gallo

Meet Claire