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American Forum

SOC American Forum

The American Forum is an interactive multimedia TV and online program with a live town-hall audience. The program engages with young people about issues on politics, media and culture. It is produced by American University's School of Communication.

Former White House Pres Secretary Mike McCurry

American Forum with Mike McCurry

In an interview with Professor Jane Hall and students at American University, former White House press secretary and longtime political strategist Mike McCurry talks about what it was like to be press secretary during the Monica Lewinsky scandal; the upcoming presidential debates and Donald Trump; media responsibility re: gun control—and whether theology has a place in politics.

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SOC American Forum Ann Hornaday

American Forum with Ann Hornaday

Washington Post chief film critic Ann Hornaday takes a critical look back at this year’s Oscar winners in a discussion with American University’s Jane Hall. During the discussion, which took place on Tuesday Feb. 24, Hornaday and Hall talk about this year’s controversies, including questions about diversity within the Academy and nominees, movies that stirred debate like American Sniper and Selma, and other highlights from the show.

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politics women

American Forum, #MyMidTermFix 

SOC and the Kennedy Political Union, in association with the Washington Post held a timely discussion on mid-term elections, the media, and issues of interest to youth voters in 2014. Guest speaker Chris Cillizza, founder of "The Fix," weighed in and joined the conversation at #MyMidTermFix.

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SOC American Forum Barton Gellman

American Forum with Barton Gellman

American University's American Forum and the Newseum Institute held a timely discussion on national security and freedom of the press. Barton Gellman, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist on national security, will joined Washington Post editor Jeff Leen and SOC professor Jane Hall for a townhall interview and discussion with AU students on the important issues raised for journalists, the government and the public.

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Chuck Todd was the guest for the most recent American Forum, which was filmed for NBC4 in SOC's Media Production Center

Chuck Todd was the guest for the most recent American Forum, which was filmed for NBC4 in SOC's Media Production Center

American Forum with Chuck Todd, NBC News

Chuck Todd of NBC News joined American University students and School of Communication Professor Jane Hall for an American Forum on young people and issues in the 2012 presidential election. The discussion was filmed in the American University School of Communication's Media Production Center as a pilot for NBC4.

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SOC American Forum David Gregory

David Gregory and Jose Antonio Vargas join Jane Hall for the American Forum.

David Gregory & Jose Antonio Vargas

David Gregory and Jose Antonio Vargas joined Jane Hall for the American Forum.

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SOC American Forum Julian Bond

The American Forum's Jane Hall sat down with civil rights leader Julian Bond for a student town hall at American University.

American Forum with Julian Bond

Julian Bond engaged with American University students and Jane Hall about his own work as a young civil rights leader, women in the civil rights movement and what young people know—and don't know—about the legacy of King and civil rights. He also challenged the students to become involved in the social issues of their time.

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