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Undergraduate Admissions


Undergraduate Admissions
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Undergraduate Admissions
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High school seniors and transfer students who meet AU's Undergraduate Admissions Standards are admitted to the University as a whole not to a specific School or College within the University. You'll be able to indicate your intended major on your application, but the admission decision will not be affected by the major you indicate.  All applicants, regardless of intended major, are evaluated using the same admission criteria and standards. For additional information regarding American University's Undergraduate admission process and requirements, please visit

SPA at a Glance

Deciding on a Major

It's all right to change your mind about your intended major after you apply. Since it's easy to change your major, we highly recommend you indicate a major within the School of Public Affairs, even if you're not 100% certain. Choosing a major with help get you acclimated to the School of Public Affairs community right away. We also recommend new students in the School of Public Affairs take a few of our foundational courses such as GOVT-105 Individual Freedom vs Authority, GOVT-110 Politics in the U.S., GOVT-130 Comparative Politics, JLC-101 Introduction to Law or JLC-110 Western Legal Tradition. Some of these courses are General Education courses, which allow you to complete a potential major requirement at the same time as a General Education course.