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Department of Public Administration & Policy


SPA: Public Administration
Ward, Room

Graduate programs:

SPA: Public Administration
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8070

Department of Public Administration & Policy Research Seminar Series - Spring 2016

All seminars convene on Thursdays from noon to 1:15 p.m. in Mary Graydon Center 315 unless otherwise noted.

January 21

Shifting College Majors in Response to Advance Placement Exam Scores

Jonathan Smith, Policy Research Scientist, College Board

January 28

Classics of Public Administration

Al Hyde, Visiting Scholar, DPAP

February 4

A Matter of Trust: Street Level Bureaucrats, Organizational Climate and Performance Management Reform

Katharine Destler, Assistant Professor of Public Administration, George Mason University

February 11

Coming of Age in the Other America

Stefanie DeLuca, Associate Professor of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University

February 25

Emotional Judges and Unlucky Juveniles

Naci Mocan, Ourso Distinguished Professor of Economics, Louisiana State University

March 3

Title TBA

Carletta Sims, Post-Doctoral Fellow, DPAP

March 14

Sector Differences in Credentialing Programs: Theory Gaps and Empirical Pursuits

Mary Tschirhart, Professor of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University

March 24

Metropolitan Policy Center Event: 4-6 p.m. in SIS Founders Room

Ed Glaeser, Fred and Eleanor Glimp Professor of Economics, Harvard University

March 29

Washington Institute of Public Affairs Research Event

Sheldon Danziger, President, Russell Sage Foundation; Henry J. Meyer Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Public Policy, University of Michigan

March 31

Title TBA

Chao Guo, Associate Professor of Nonprofit Management, University of Pennsylvania

April 14

Title TBA

Rebecca Ryan, Associate Professor of Psychology, Georgetown University

April 21

Title TBA

Jeff Wooldridge, University Distinguished Professor of Economics, Michigan State University


Please contact Seth Gershenson at with any questions.