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About the College | Mission & Facts

Battelle-Tompkins building

The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, the arts, and service to its local, national, and international communities.

The college provides a rich education in the liberal arts and sciences for all of American University's undergraduate students, offering challenging programs of study for its undergraduate and graduate majors; and fosters outstanding research, practice, and creative activity. 

The college is committed to the core purposes of liberal education: promoting free and rational discourse, fostering an understanding of the diversity of human experience, providing the critical intellectual skills necessary to navigate a rapidly changing world, and integrating knowledge across disciplinary boundaries.   


Fast Facts

Students in the College

Undergraduate students: 1,835
Graduate students: 1,047

Faculty in the College

Full-time faculty: 363
Adjunct faculty: 747

Degrees Offered

Doctoral: 5
Master's: 33
Graduate certificates: 25
Undergraduate degrees: 52
Undergraduate certificates: 26
Minors: 56

Degrees Conferred

Undergraduate: 534
Master's: 372
Doctoral: 40

Average Class Size

Undergraduate classes: 23
Graduate classes: 14