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Anthropology | Master's International Program

Anthropology Master's International Program

The Anthropology Master's International Program (MA/I) is a joint venture between the Peace Corps and American University, which enables graduate students to prepare for Peace Corps placement while earning an MA in public anthropology. Upon completion of the program, graduates are ready to enter the job market with excellent academic credentials, significant overseas experience, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) status.

The 30-credit program is designed to be completed over the course of three years, including a Peace Corps placement. Graduate students gain problem-solving knowledge in areas of health, education, environment, international development, human rights, and social justice. The combined master's program and Peace Corps placement gives students opportunities for experiential learning and increases students understanding of global issues.

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For more information about the program, email or call 202-885-1830.


Program Highlights

  • The core foundation of coursework is in contemporary theory in culture, power, and history and anthropological research. 
  • Concentration areas include: problem-solving for social change; community development, health, cultural and environmental sustainability, globalization, transnational migration, peace and conflict
  • A Capstone Seminar section is designated for MA/I students to assist with the Peace Corps Academic Project, which serves as the basis for the MA Substantial Research Paper.
  • Department advisors, the MA/I advisory board, and the AU Career Center assist with the Peace Corps application process. (Acceptance into American University does not gaurantee acceptance into the Peace Corps. Students must apply to both American University and the Peace Corps.)
  • Students hold an internship for credit related to their anticipated Peace Corps placement. For example, students can work as teacher's aide at a D.C. public, private, or charter school if they anticipate an educational placement or a student can work in health or economic NGO, like Amnesty International or the International Economic Development Council, if they anticipate a community development placement.
  • No tuition payment is required for the 6 credit-hours awarded for completed Peace Corps service.