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Robert Jernigan Professor Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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PhD, South Florida

Robert W. Jernigan holds a PhD from the University of South Florida and is a Professor of Statistics at AU. He was formerly Senior Statistician, US Environmental Protection Agency, Statistical Policy Branch and Visiting Researcher at the Smithsonian Institution’s Laboratory of Molecular Systematics. His research interests are in the development of statistical methods for evolutionary biology, genetics, and the environmental sciences. He collects photographs that illustrate statistical concepts. He was named AU 1997 Scholar/Teacher of the Year, and given the Scientific Achievement Award for Mathematics and Computer Sciences 1985-86 from the Washington Academy of Sciences.
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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Research Interests

His research interests include the development of statistical methods for evolutionary biology and environmental science. He collects photographs that illustrate statistical concepts some which can be seen at

Selected Publications

  • “Testing Lumpability in Markov Chains,” with R. Baran Statistics and Probability Letters 64 (2003) 17-23.
  • "Methods for comparing sources of strand compositional asymmetry in microbial   chromosomes,” with R. H. Baran and H. Ko, DNA Research, Vol.10, #3 (2003) 59-84.
  • “Pervasive Properties of the Genomic Signature,” BioMed Central: Genomics, with R. Baran, 1471-2164/3/23, 2002.
  • “Remembering the Chicago Black Sox,” [a statistical mnemonic], The National Pastime, No.22, p 94, The Society of American Baseball Research, University of Nebraska Press, Fall 2002.
  • “Evolutionary Implications of Divergent Clines in an Avian (Manacus: Aves) Hybrid Zone,” Evolution, with R. Brumfield, D. McDonald, and M. Braun, 55(10), pp.2070-2087, 2001.
  • “Influence on Smoothness in Penalized Likelihood Regression for Binary Data,” Computational Statistics, with J. O’Connell, Vol.16(4), pp481-504, 2001.
  •  “A Comparison of Two Models for Estimating Phylogenetic Effect on Trait Variation,” with M. Christman and D. Culver, 1997, Evolution, 51(1), pp. 262-266.
  • “Spatial Correlation Models as Applied to Evolutionary Biology,” with M. Christman, Modelling Longitudinal and Spatially Correlated Data: Methods, Applications, and Future Directions, Eds.: T. Gregoire, D. Brillinger, P. Diggle, E. Russek-Cohen, W. Warren, R. Wolfinger, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1997.
  • “Conservative, Nonparametric Estimation of Mean Concentration of Contaminants,” with Ling Chen, 1996, Statistica Sinica, Vol. 6, No.3, pp 547-559.
  • “The Dual Role of Selection and Evolutionary History as Reflected in Genetic Correlations,” with D. Culver and D. Fong, 1994, Evolution, 48:3:587-596.