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About the Center on Health, Risk, and Society

The Center on Health, Risk and Society (CHRS), based in the Department of Sociology at American University, is comprised of an interdisciplinary community of scholars applying social science theories, concepts, and methods to the study of health. The Center provides a range of resources to foster the development and implementation of innovative collaborative research on the social, political, cultural, economic, historical, and legal dimensions of health conducted at all levels of analysis. Thematic areas reflected in the work of CHRS currently include: 

  • Global health [GH]
  • Global/Transnational processes [GTP]
  • Health across the life course [HLC]
  • Organizations and networks [ON]
  • Inequality and health disparities [IHD]
  • Urban life and community change [ULCC]
  • Other projects [Other]

CHRS-affiliated investigators use these thematic areas to understand population health generally, by studying specific health issues, including aging, breast cancer, Ebola, environmental health, HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, obesity, sexual health, surgical conditions, violence, and access to health care. More...


Current projects of the Center on Health, Society, and Risk include:


CHRS Seminars
See Fall 2015 Seminars (weekly series).

Kim Blankenship published "30 Years After Discovery of HIV Virus: The Vital Role of the Social Sciences" in Huffington Post.