Arabic Language Faculty

George Berg Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Professor Berg has served as a faculty advisor for the Arabic Club and faculty supervisor for visiting Fulbright student teaching assistants for the past two years. His teaching and research interests

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Rana Kateeb Professorial Lecturer CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Professor Kateeb, Arabic Language Instructor, has a BA in English for Specific Purposes and an MA in Applied Linguistic from Jordan University of Science and Technology. She has previously taught vari

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Erez Naaman Associate Professor CAS-World Lang and Cultures

Naaman’s research interests include Arabic language, literature, and culture in the medieval and Pre-Modern Islamic world and the intellectual history of this period.

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Jacques Nalabandian Instructor CAS - World Languages and Cultures

Place of birth: Aleppo, Syria. Studied in Cyprus, France, Italy, Germany and Syria. Teaching: United States Air Force Academy (1986-91); The Catholic University of America(1999-2000); American Univers

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Abdelrahim Salih Adjunct Professorial Lecturer

Professorial Lecturer Anthropologist and Arabic Linguist