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Faculty Senate

March 1, 2017 Faculty Senate Summary

Sample for AU 2030

Senate Chair Todd Eisenstadt introduced Elizabeth Worden as a candidate for Senate Vice Chair for 2017-18. She was elected unanimously with a 24-0-0 vote.

Vice Chair Andrea Pearson introduced a resolution to establish a Term Faculty Committee:

As recommended by a 2017 report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Term Faculty Language in the Faculty Manual, the Faculty Senate resolves to establish a Committee on Term Faculty. An Interim Term Faculty Committee, chaired by a member of the Term Faculty, will be charged with developing bylaws for the Committee, to be presented to the Senate for approval no later than fall 2017. The proposed language will pertain to the Committee’s membership, elections, and charge.

A motion was made and seconded, and the resolution passed unanimously with a 24-0-0 vote.

Provost Scott Bass reported that AU graduate students are moving to a vote on unionization. The Budget Committee has submitted its recommendations to President Kerwin, who will in turn present his recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Among the Committee’s recommendations are to increase term faculty salaries and the merit pool for all faculty, raise tuition, and invest in the Library, RiSE, diversity and inclusion, Title IX-related issues, and student counseling and health services.

On behalf of the Ad Hoc Committee on Term Faculty Language in the Faculty Manual, co-chaired by Marie Fritz and Sherburne Laughlin, Sherburne Laughlin describe the committee’s process in developing revised language for the Manual. The committee requested that its report advance with the proposed Manual revisions, once approved by the Senate, to the Board of Trustees.

Senators discussed and approved the Ad Hoc Committee’s proposed revisions to the term faculty sections of the Faculty Manual. The revisions will be brought to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

In light of the possible unionization of term faculty, the Senate voted to hold an informational town hall with Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Bill LeoGrande and a representative of the union.

Past Chair Larry Engel asked senators to solicit input from faculty in their units on the possibility of AU divesting from fossil fuel.

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