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Faculty Senate


Sample for AU 2030

Chair Larry Engel got authority for the Executive Committee to name a small group to hold conversations about issues of race and diversity that have emerged recently at the university, as applied to classroom settings. The group would work with CTRL (Center for Teaching, Research and Learning) and CDI (Center for Diversity and Inclusion) in devising programming to address these issues. The group needs to be formed expeditiously to contribute to the president’s effort to reach out to the campus community. 

Sharon Alston, Vice President for Undergraduate Enrollment, said RiSE (Reinventing the Student Experience) would have a retreat January 20-21 to start crafting the new model of comprehensive service delivery.

University Police Director Phillip Morris spoke about conditions leading to the arrest of Jim McCabe on campus in mid-October 2015. McCabe, a former longtime staff member and faculty member, was distributing leaflets at the university’s Terrace Dining Room to publicize the lack of pensions and other issues facing contract workers with Aramark. McCabe was arrested for “unlawful entry” and banned from campus. Questions were raised about the rights of former faculty and staff to engage in citizen activities, even in areas where they do not have academic expertise. McCabe said that he may not have rights to distribute leaflets on a private campus, but that he had a moral responsibility to do so. Past Senate Chair Lacey Wootton said she would note that the Senate had discussed this issue when president’s committee on social responsibility meets. 

Minutes for the December 2015 meeting were approved, as were minor changes to the undergraduate academic regulations. The Senate also received an update on the Student Input into Teaching (SIT) revisions from University Registrar Doug McKenna; the university will move all SITs online this semester, with the new questions to be piloted this summer and next fall.

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