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Payroll - TotalPayCard

Beginning February 2012, AU will begin paying all employees electronically via Direct Deposit or via TotalPay® Card. We are going paperless as part of our on-going effort to implement sustainable practices.

If you receive paper paychecks currently, please review the information about TotalPay® Card and Direct Deposit to decide which option is best for you. Employees currently receiving paper pay checks will be required to fill out the Employee Selection Form and submit to Payroll as soon as possible. If you do not sign up for Direct Deposit before the switch-over deadline, you will automatically be issued a TotalPay® Card and your paycheck will be deposited automatically into your TotalPay card account. Should you decide to switch to Direct Deposit after you have been issued a TotalPay Card®, you will still be able to do so by signing up for Direct Deposit through HR/Payroll Connection.

Additional Resources:

Memo describing change (PDF) (sent to employees who receive paper paychecks)

Presentation about TotalPay® Card (PDF)

Flyer to give to bank employees explaining TotalPay® Card (PDF)

Employee Pay Selection Form (Required form)



Total PayCard F.A.Q - Table of Contents

TotalPay Card Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the TotalPay® card?

A.TotalPay® cards work the same way as a traditional debit card issued by banks to people with a checking or savings account. TotalPay® cards will be distributed to American University employees who do not sign up for direct deposit by January 13, 2012 (January 27, 2012 for returning students and teaching adjuncts) so that they may receive their pay electronically, even if they do not have a bank account.
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Q. How do I access my funds using the TotalPay® card?

A. You can access your funds by: 

  • Going to Allpoint Network ATMs
  • Using a Money Network™ Check
  • Going inside a Visa member bank and requesting all or partial amount of your net pay
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Q. Why is American University shifting away from paper paychecks to the TotalPay® card?

A. American University has a campus-wide initiative of going green and also looks for increased efficiency and cost savings, where possible. By not issuing paper paychecks, the university is able to lower paper usage, save on check manufacturing expenses and on replacement and reissue expenses as a result of check spoilage and checks not cashed, lost, or stale dated. The university also is able to achieve greater compliance with audit and state wage payment laws.
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Q. What are the advantages to having this card?


  • Dependable, safe, and very convenient way to receive your pay
  • Access to your pay on payday morning
  • Funds accessible through Allpoint Network ATM withdrawals
  • You can make purchases at stores and get cash back
  • You can write Money Network™ Checks
  • Transfer funds to a personal or joint checking account
  • You will not be able to overdraw your account
  • No NSF charges
  • Saves trip to HR to pick up check
  • Increased security
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Q. Will my funds in the TotalPay® card account be FDIC insured?

A. Yes. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has issued an opinion making clear that the funds loaded onto a TotalPay® card are FDIC insured.
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Q. How much can I withdraw at a time?

A. You may withdraw up to $400 a day at an ATM (based on each ATM's limit policy) and get up to $9,999.99 from a single, pre-authorized Money Network™ check. You also may transfer your entire balance via direct deposit to your personal bank account. Store purchases have a $600 per day limit.
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Q. How do I make a purchase with my TotalPay® card?

A. If you make a Signature Debit Purchase:

  • Swipe the Money Network™ Pay card at the cash register PIN pad.
  • Select “CREDIT.”
  • Sign for purchase.
  • No card transaction fee will apply.

If you are doing a PIN Debit Purchase:

  • Swipe the Money Network™ Pay card at the cash register PIN pad.
  • Select “ATM/DEBIT” and enter 4-digit PIN.
  • For cash back, select “CASH BACK” and the amount, or ask cashier for cash back.
  • No card transaction fee will apply.

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Q. Can I use the TotalPay® card for Debit or Credit transactions? Will I be charged a fee?

A. You may use your TotalPay® card for debit and credit transactions. There are no card transaction fees for signature credit or debit purchases.

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Q. Do I have to use this card with a certain bank?

A. No. Having the Visa logo on the card allows you to access funds anywhere the Visa logo is accepted.
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Q. Can I access my funds if I go to a bank that is not in the Allpoint network, but is a Visa member?

A. Yes. The transaction is free.

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Q. How can I find out my balance from my TotalPay® card?


  • Via e-mail at mncustomer Sign up to receive automatic e-mail balance notifications daily or weekly.
  • Via text message. Sign up to receive daily or weekly automatic balance notification text messages sent to your cell phone
  • Online. View account balance by logging onto Account at
  • By phone. Call Customer Service at 866.402.1237 or 888.913.0900, log in, and select the option to hear your account balance.

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Q. What can I do online with my TotalPay® card account (


  • View account balance and transaction history.
  • View or request a statement.
  • Transfer funds to a personal bank account.
  • Enroll to receive automatic account balance notifications sent daily or weekly via e-mail or text message.
  • Request a Secondary Card for a family member or dependent
  • Fund a Secondary Card.

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Q.How do I activate my TotalPay® card?

You must call the activation number printed on the TotalPay® card when you receive the welcome kit. You need to follow the prompts the system gives.
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Q. What are Money Network™ checks? How do I use them?

Money Network™ checks are like counter checks that can be used in place of the TotalPay® card as necessary.  Using the Money Network™ checks, you may:

  • Access up to 100 percent of funds available in the account
  • Pay bills or rent
  • Access funds if the pay card is lost

Note: Checks are not account specific. To use the checks, follow these steps:

  1. Call Customer Service.
  2. Follow automated voice prompts to write a Money Network™ Check.
  3. A transaction number is issued and funds are transferred immediately from the Account to the Money Network™ Check.

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Q. Where can I get my Money Network™ Check cashed?

A. You may cash the Money Network™ Check at Wal-mart or any check cashing location as identified on the Locator tool on

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Q. Who is Firstdata and how do I contact them?

A. Firstdata is the vendor that manages many of the transactions related to the TotalPay® card. You can contact Firstdata Customer Service at: 866.402.1237 or 888.913.0900, or e-mail mncustomer Firsdata Customer Services can assist with all questions relating to the TotalPay® card including:

  • Lost cards/fraud
  • Issues & recolution
  • PIN rests
  • Tracking expenses online and Web site support
  • Reorder more Money Network™ Checks (free)
  • Transfer funds to a personal bank account in the U.S.

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