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Mark Clark Associate Professor Department of Management

Additional Positions at AU
Chair, Department of Management
Ph.D., Arizona State University (Business Management)
M.A., Ohio State University (Policy & Leadership)
B.S., Eastern Michigan University, (Psychology)

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Dr. Clark has expertise in high performing teams, leadership, diversity, and strategic human capital. His current research projects include work in multi-path leadership, team knowledge sharing, cybersecurity knowledge networks, team adaptation, innovation through design teams and multiteam systems, and stigmatized occupations. Six Paths to Leadership: Lessons from Successful Executives, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, and More, his book with coauthor Meredith Persily Lamel, was published in 2021.

Clark's field research engages a variety of organizations, including medical, design, and sports teams, high-tech companies, and entrepreneurial startups. His work has been published in top academic outlets, including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Design Studies, Human Resource Management, and Group Dynamics, and has been presented at conferences and workshops around the world.

Before earning his Ph.D., Professor Clark gained a variety of experiences in public and private sector management, as a consultant, program director, trainer, treatment specialist, and board member. His clients have included some of the largest – and some of the smallest – companies in the world. He has held visiting scholar appointments at Instituto de Empresa (Madrid, Spain), ISCTE (Lisbon, Portugal), and Erasmus University (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

At Kogod, Professor Clark's courses include Leading High Performance Teams, Leadership Challenges & Competencies, Management of Organizations and Human Capital, Leading Organizational Change, Organization and Social Network Analysis, and Strategic Human Capital Management.
For the Media
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2024 Term 1

  • KSB-630 Business Capitals Immersion: Managing Orgs in Creative Econ

Fall 2024

  • KSB-112 Business Profession/Comms 1.0

Partnerships & Affiliations

Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Media Appearances

Selected Media:

Several articles on remote work, e.g.,

Several articles & presentations covering the Six Paths to Leadership book, including:

  • “You've just been promoted. Here are the top 5 challenges you'll face — and how to navigate them.” Business Insider (July 2021) by Sawdah Bhaimiya
  • “Six Paths To Leadership In Gaming,” Inside Asian Gaming (Sept2021) by Sudhir H. Kale
  • “How next generation talents can master family business leadership.” Campden FB (Oct 2021) by James Beech
  • Webinars and presentations to AU Key Leadership program, Kogod School of Business Alumni, Corporate Collaboration Resources, Textile Rental Services Association, Factum Global, DC-area FINCE association, many others.

American magazine, 2021 "3 minutes on... Offices" (pandemic, remote work)

American magazine, 2018 "Of Me I Sing" (#MeToo)

Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 2017 “Dirty work” research, Mar 2016 Replication research (“pipeline” project)

NY Observer, June 2015 "BernieMania" (business tax and motivation)

Gazette News, March 2015

Various TV news, Jan 2015 "Minimum Wage"

Sinclair Group, Nov 2014 "Wage Stagnation", appeared on 18 TV news stations across USA.

Kogod Now, Fall 2012. "In Knowledge Management, Shoot for the Moon." View article

Washington Business Journal, Nov 2012. "Patraeus Future in Corporate America." View article 

Kogod Now, Fall 2011. "From Victim to Survivor." View article

Washington Business Journal, Oct 2011. "CEO turnover " View article 

Washington Post (November 2010) (February 2010)

Boston Globe (July 2009)

O&P Business Journal (Sept 2009)

MSNBC (December 2008)

New Jersey Herald-Ledger (February 2008)

Washington Business Journal (February 2008) (Dec 2007)

San Diego Union-Tribune (July 2004)

Wired magazine (Feb 2003)

Workplace magazine (Mar 2003)

Cincinnati Enquirer (Feb 2012; July 2002)

Knoxville News Sentinel (Feb 2002)


Professional Services

Professional Experience: Professor Clark's background includes experience in leadership workshops, strategic planning, data consulting, team facilitation, training, community development, program administration, sales, and social work.  

Selected Publications

Clark & Persily (2023). Remote work has made developing relationships with colleagues harder – here’s what workers and bosses need now. [Spanish version, e.g., ]

Six Paths to Leadership: Lessons from Successful Executives, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, and More. Clark & Persily Lamel (2021 June) Palgrave MacMillan /SpringerNature. ISBN-13: 978-3030690168 Pre-orders:

Patients as team members: factors affecting involvement in treatment decisions from the perspective of patients with a chronic condition. Buljac-Samardzic, M., Clark, M. A., van Exel, J., & van Wijngaarden, J. (2021). Health Expectations, 25(1): 138-148. (doi: 10.1111/hex.13358)

Team adaptation and the changing nature of work: Lessons from practice, evidence from research, and challenges for the road ahead. Rico, Sanchez-Manzanares, Gibson, & Clark (2020). Australian Journal of Management,45(3): 507-526. (

Building team effectiveness through adaptation: Team knowledge and implicit and explicit coordination. Rico, Sanchez-Manzanares, Gibson, & Clark (2019). Organizational Psychology Review, 9(2-3): 71-98.  (doi: 10.1177/2041386619869972)

Increasing team ideation by sequencing the task type and content. Meslec, Graff, & Clark (2020). Design Studies, 70. (

Perceived Analogical Communication in design teams: Development and validation of a scale. Graff, Meslec, & Clark (2020). Design Studies, 67, 55-76. (

Clear as a bell: The influence of analogies on the development of cross-understanding in design teams. Graff & Clark (2018). Team Performance Management, 24, 396-410. (

Communication modes in collaboration: Metaphors, visualization, and narratives in multidisciplinary student design teams. Graff & Clark (2018). International Journal of Technology and Design Education. (

Congruence work in stigmatized occupations: A managerial lens on employee fit with Dirty Work.  Ashforth, Kreiner, Clark, & Fugate (2017). Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38(8): 1260-1279.

*Normalizing Dirty Work: Managerial tactics for countering occupational taint. Ashforth, Kreiner, Clark, & Fugate (2007). Academy of Management Journal, 50(1): 149-174.  *Inaugural winner of the AMJ Impact Award (2020).

The changing role of the patient in the healthcare team: Factors influencing decisions to follow and lead. Clark & Buljac-Samardzic (2017). In N. Chatwini (Ed.) Distributed Leadership: The Dynamics of Balancing Leadership with Followership, Palgrave Macmillan.

How today’s shocks predict tomorrow’s leaving. Holtom, Goldberg, Allen, & Clark (2017) Journal of Business & Psychology, 32(1), 59-71.

Achieving coordinated care for complex cancer patients: A multi-team system approach. Lee, Clark, Cox, Needles, Seigel, Akpan, & Balasubramanian (2016). Journal of Oncology Practice.

The Pipeline Project: Pre-publication independent replications of a single laboratory’s research pipeline. with Schweinsberg et al. (2016). Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. (Special issue “Rigorous and Replicable Methods in Social Psychology”).

Team Knowledge Representation: A Network Perspective. Espinosa & Clark (2014). Human Factors, 56(2): 333-348

Leading from the helm: Lessons from America's Cup sailing teams. Clark (2013). In E. Salas (Ed.) Developing and Enhancing High-Performance Teams: Evidence-based Practices and Advice. SIOP Professional Practice Book. Wiley: Pfeiffer.

Team Knowledge: Dimensional structure and network representation. Espinosa & Clark (2011). In E. Salas, S. Fiore, & M. Letsky (Eds.) Theories of Team Cognition: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives. Routledge Academic: New York.

Facilitating Inclusion: Study Circles on Diversity and Achievement. Clark & Landesman (2010) in The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation: Working with Difficult Groups.

Team knowledge structures: Matching task to information environment. Anand, Clark, & Zellmer-Bruhn (2003). Journal of Managerial Issues, 15(1): 15-31.

Substantive and operational issues of response bias across levels of analysis: An example of climate-satisfaction relationships. Ostroff, Kinicki, & Clark (2002). Journal of Applied Psychology, 87, 355-368.

Resolving meaning: Interpretation in diverse decision-making groups. Clark, Anand & Roberson, L. (2000). Group Dynamics, 4, 211-221.

Research Interests

Professor Clark's research centers on leadership and team performance, investigating the operation of knowledge networks, cybersecurity, time, culture, diversity, remote work, and strategic human capital practices. He conducts these projects in field settings, including private & public sector organizations, sports & design teams, entreprenuerial startups, and medical innovation contexts.