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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)/MBA

Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)/MBA program at the Kogod School of Business

JD/MBA Program

JD/MBA graduates are well equipped for careers in mergers and acquisitions, international business and business management, and positions such as in-house business counsel, outside legal advisor, and lobbyist.

The Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)/MBA program at the Kogod School of Business provides an excellent opportunity for students who desire to combine skills and develop expertise in both business and law. This program adequately prepares students for virtually any career in either arena.

Because of the unique structure of graduate course work and qualifications, students can earn this dual degree in four years. JD/MBA students are enrolled in both Kogod and the Washington College of Law at American University.

Graduates of the JD/MBA program are uniquely well positioned for recruitment. They also possess market skills that put them in an excellent position for long-term professional success.

Course work includes the MBA fundamentals, including managerial economics, financial accounting, organizational behavior, marketing management, business ethics, financial management, and management information systems. The law curriculum adds a theoretical dimension to the applied and practical study of business.

Kogod MBA Requirements

To meet the Kogod requirements for the MBA portion of dual degree requires completion of 33 credit hours of the following core courses:
Accounting Concepts and Applications
Applied Managerial Statistics                     
Applied Production and Operations Management                     
Financial Management
Information Technology Tools for Managers
Management Accounting
Management Information Systems
Manager in the International Economy
Managerial Economics
Marketing Management 
Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management       
Strategic Decision Making                                       
Strategic Thinking

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