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Housing & Dining Programs
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Christopher Moody
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Housing & Dining Programs
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First Year Student Housing

Welcome to American University! We know you have important decisions ahead and we want to make selecting housing as easy as possible.

On-campus housing is in high demand, so it is important that students submit their housing enrollment deposits to the Office of Admissions as soon as possible to secure a space. If you have any questions regarding the deposit, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Please review the below First Year Housing Guide before beginning your application for detailed information about important deadlines, housing options, and meal plan options. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

First Year Housing Guide

savable PDF version of the housing guide is available.

Housing Process Timeline

The timeline below provides an overview of the housing process from receiving the application to receiving your room assignment. Please review this timeline and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to gain a full scope of our first year process. Our office will send reminders and other communications via email throughout this process. It is important that students check their AU emails regularly to avoid missing a step!

Step 1: Application available beginning April 1. Priority deadline is May 3.

Any student who completes the application after May 3, 2016 will not be able to continue in the roommate matching and room selection processes described below. These students will be manually assigned to available spaces.

Step 2: Roommate matching May 16-27

Students will be able to search and select roommates who match within their pre-assigned groups. Students assigned to a double room group will be able to select one roommate and those assigned to a triple room group will be able to select two roommates. Students without a roommate preference will be able to continue through the process as solo students. 

Step 3: Room Selection June 6-9

Students will be able to select their rooms for the 2016-2017 academic year. If a student has formed a group with roommate(s), only one person will select the room for everyone within the group. You will only be able to select the room type that matches your pre-assigned group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I filled out the application by the deadline, but it still shows incomplete.

Your application may continue to read "incomplete" on the Term Selection page throughout the room selection process up until you receive your room assignment and have selected your meal plan. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you have completed each phase of the application process.

I missed the May 3 application deadline. Can i still apply for housing?

Yes. Those who miss the priority deadline will be able to apply for housing on campus. You will not be able to participate in the room selection process, however. You will instead be provided an assignment and a roommate by a staff member of Housing & Dining Programs.

Where can I live?

First year students will be assigned to a double or triple room in Anderson, Letts, Roper, Clark, and Hughes Halls. Students participating in a Living Learning Community (LLC) may only reside in the buildings and floors for that particular LLC.

How do I request a single room?

We do not offer single rooms for first year students unless there is a disability-related accommodation. If you are in need of a specific room type accommodation, please refer to the Academic Support & Access Center (ASAC) page for incoming freshmen to set up an appointment with a counselor.

Can I choose my own roommate?

Yes! Students who apply by the May 3 deadline will have an opportunity to search for roommates during the roommate matching period. Roommate pairings will be limited by Living Learning Community (LLC) program and assigned room type. A student who participates in the Honors Program, for example, will not be eligible to live with a student who wishes to participate in the Social Justice LLC. The same will be true if your roommate is assigned to live in a double room and you are assigned to a triple room. 

  • Sex/Gender
    First year students living in the Social Justice LLC in Roper Hall are able to select roommates regardless of sex or gender. All other first year students will be eligible to select roommates of the same sex only.
  • Honors
    All first-year Honors students will be assigned a room in Hughes Hall with other Honors students.
  • University College
    All first-year University College participants will be assigned a roommate from the University College.

I am assigned to a double but want to room with a certain person who is assigned a triple. How can we become roommates?

You will not be able to live with a roommate with a different room type unless you opted to be placed in a triple. In order to ensure the housing process is fair, we place students in room types based on deposit paid dates. As such, we cannot give any student a “bump” from triple to double as it will impact other students. 

How are room type assignments determined?

The housing assignment process is based upon the order in which we receive enrollment deposits. Students with an earlier date of deposit will be assigned before students with a later deposit date. Once all spaces for double rooms are filled, students with a later date of deposit will be assigned a triple room. Students can also choose a triple room for the year by selecting this option on the housing application.

What is a temporary triple?

Due to the demand of on-campus housing, we convert a number of traditional double rooms to temporary triples. Students placed in temporary triples will have the opportunity to de-triple throughout the semester as space becomes available in double rooms. Students in temporary triples have the benefit of paying a lower rate than those in a double until their rooms are de-tripled.

How long will I live in a temporary triple?

De-tripling occurs when vacancies occur. Students in temporary triples will be offered the opportunity to de-triple based on the earliest deposit paid date. Rooms are offered to de-triple at the following times:

  • One of the three roommates moves out of the room for any reason.
  • A vacancy becomes available in a double room. In this scenario, we offer this vacancy to the next room on the de-triple list. One student may choose to move and the remaining two remain in their room and de-triple.

Room cost will be prorated at the time of de-tripling to reflect the amount of time spent in a temporary triple room and the amount of time spent in a double room in that particular semester. Students who accept to de-triple will owe a balance for the prorated price difference. The cost difference between a double and a triple is $1,243 per semester. Students will have the option to decline to de-triple to retain the triple rate.

If there is a vacancy in a triple room that is to remain a triple, that space may be filled at any time with another student wishing to reside in a triple. When a student is de-tripled, the extra set of furniture (bed, desk, wardrobe or dresser, and chair) will be removed from the student’s room.