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Office of Information Technology

Your Personalized AU E-mail Address

Student Instructions

You are assigned a unique user name and password. Be sure to memorize this information.

As a student, you have a user name based on your first and last initials, plus the last four digits of your AU ID number and the letter "a". For example, a student named Jane Doe, with an AU ID of 1234567, would be assigned a user name of jd4567a. If two students have the same initials and last four ID digits, one will be jd4567a and the other will be jd4567b.

AU student e-mail addresses use the form:

In this example, Jane Doe's student e-mail address would be:

You may contact the IT Help Desk to request an e-mail alias of at 202-885-2550,, or AskAmericanUHelp.

IMPORTANT: All electronic correspondence from the university will be sent to your "" e-mail address.