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Graduate Studies | Innovative Graduate Education @ AU

The following programs showcase unique learning and research opportunities exclusive to American University. Programming is arranged by college or school. Contact us with more information about your school's signature learning options!

College of Arts & Sciences

Master of Science: Professional Science

The Professional Science Master’s Program is a two-year interdisciplinary program that provides students with rigorous training in the sciences coupled with coursework in management. The program equips students with the skills that positions in industry and government demand. The goal of the PSM degree program is to prepare scientific and technical students and professionals for applied science work in industry and government organizations.

PSM: Biotechnology

Through the biotechnology concentration, students master topics including biochemistry, molecular biology, genomics, and proteomics. Students will also choose among electives depending on their interests and career goals.

PSM: Environmental Assessment

Students working in the environmental assessment concentration take three core courses on environmental science and risk assessment, and select three additional courses either in ecology, toxicology, or conservation biology. The concentration provides students with advanced understanding of the environmental impact of human activities and offers an opportunity to expand students' knowledge base for developing solutions to environmental problems.

PSM: Quantitative Assessment

The concentration in quantitative analysis allows students with technical experience in statistical methods to build upon their knowledge base while simultaneously developing workplace relevant skills through selected business and management coursework. A capstone project and internship, along with professional development activities, prepares students with workplace relevant activities to deepen their understanding of quantitative and management methods.

Graduate Certificate: Addiction & Addictive Behavior

The Graduate Certificate in Addiction and Addictive Behavior was developed to provide students with general fundamentals in basic research, pharmacology, and pathology as they relate to drug use and abuse and other impulsive and compulsive behaviors. Following these introductions to the fundamentals in these areas, students will have the opportunity to apply this background to individual projects through independent readings, research and/or internships. These academic and practical experiences should give students an understanding of addictive behaviors, their etiology, underlying bases and possible therapeutic interventions.

Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Certificate

American University’s Postbaccalaureate Premedical Program is designed for students who have a bachelor’s degree and either lack the prerequisites required by health professional schools, or wish to strengthen their credentials.

In addition to classes and advice, we offer guidance and assistance in preparing for health professional school, helping students polish essay-writing and interviewing skills and prepare for entrance exams (MCAT, DAT or GRE). Each student emerges with a composite letter of evaluation, which can be sent to health professional schools along with individual letters of recommendation.

MA: Audio-Technology

The Master of Arts in audio technology focuses on developing knowledge and skills in a wide range of audio technology related topics. The master’s degree program prepares students for careers as recording studio engineers, audiovisual technicians, sound designers for films, digital multimedia artists, acousticians, and music business professionals.

Graduate Certificate: Gender Analysis in Economics

The Gender Analysis in Economics graduate certificate program is a one-year course of study focused on the application of gender analysis to different fields of economic analysis, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, labor economics, public finance, development, and international trade and investment. The certificate is targeted at professional economists, researchers, consultants, advocates and government officials who have a master's degree in economics, or an equivalent degree or coursework. It prepares graduate students and professionals for careers in higher education, U.S. and international research institutions, and government agencies that require economic analysis from a gendered perspective.

Graduate Certificate: International Arts Management

The new graduate Certificate in International Arts Management is the first in the world to combine intellectual examination of and practical training in international arts management. A collaboration between the highly ranked Arts Management Program and the International Communications Program of the School of International Service (ranked #5 in the world), this certificate unites student interest in the arts, culture, and international affairs. Alumni with this certificate can expect to work in embassies, international cultural NGOs, international divisions of cultural institutions, government entities dedicated to arts and culture and similar organizations.

Graduate Certificate: Psychobiology of Healing

The Psychobiology of Healing Certificate Program provides a thorough understanding of the science of healing and the therapeutic mechanisms that elicit healing responses. Through understanding the application of scientific method to the evaluation of integrative healing strategies, students will be prepared to design clinical trials, evaluate the scientific data from these trials, and discern the clinical potential of healing methodologies.

Online Master of Arts in Economics, Applied Economics Specialization

Gain insight into today's economic issues. The online MA in Economics, Applied Economics specialization from American University brings you real-world analysis from today's most relevant scholars, research institutes and international organizations. The MA in Economics utilizes state-of-the-art statistical software to help you master economic research methods and policy analysis.

Online Master of Science in Nutrition Education

The online Master of Science (MS) in Nutrition Education from American University gives you the knowledge and skills to help positively affect the lives of others. Delivered through an innovative online platform, you'll gain advanced credentials to lead the charge for better nutritional choices within your community through an understanding of theoretical and scientific training in the field of nutrition.

Kogod School of Business

MS: Sustainability Management

Kogod's Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MSSM) degree is designed to integrate business education with environmental science and public policy to prepare students who want to be part of the first generation of professionally-trained sustainability experts and managers. The MSSM is the only interdisciplinary business-based degree of its kind in the country. Students may choose to specialize in Business, Science, or Policy, and can complete the program on a full or part-time basis.

Graduates will be well poised to successfully lead in developing and implementing multi-faceted solutions to environmental, societal, and other cross-sector problems in business organizations, nonprofits, foundations or government. 

Professional MBA

Taught by our exemplary faculty and sought-after executives-in-residence, you'll acquire contemporary management knowledge and know-how to help you advance in or transition from your current position. With our lock-step, cohort-based schedule, you'll attend classes one night a week over seven consecutive semesters, and complete your MBA in 27 months.

School of Communication

Online MA: Strategic Communication

Yes, we teach professional skills at AU School of Communication. But even more important is that we teach our students how to think. We teach them to think strategically. We teach how to target an audience, how to create a compelling message, how to write persuasively, how to advocate in a changing world of new media and cutting edge technology.

MA: Producing for Film & Video

The goal of this program is to prepare individuals for careers as producers and production managers of a wide variety of film and video programs, including independent feature films, documentary films or videos, educational videos and special interest videos. The producer is the leader of any film or video project from the initial concept for a story to the “best picture” award.

MA: Interactive Journalism

This program will help sharpen your writing, reporting and editing skills and learn to write effectively for an on-line audience. You'll also study the relationship of business, ethics and the law to on-line media and learn how to design readable news Web sites that incorporate digital sound and video.

MA: Media Entrepreneurship

The School of Communication, in a unique partnership with the Kogod School of Business, has a new media entrepreneurship Master’s program aimed at training mid-career professionals to be key digital players in the new media landscape – while they are working. This is a 10-course, 30-credit curriculum over 20 months aimed at the working professional who is interested in either developing his or her own idea into an entrepreneurial venture or building an intrapreneurial project for a current employer. Classes meet one night a week and every other Saturday. Courses include entrepreneurship and innovation, communication law, media technology management, finance and marketing.

School of International Service

Online MA: International Relations

International Relations Online is the innovative, online Master of Arts in International Relations degree from American University's School of International Service. The program offers students a strong foundation in the field of international relations as well as the chance to gain specialized expertise through concentrations in Sustainable International Development and Global Security and Conflict Resolution.

MA: Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs

The MA in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs offers an ethical response to contemporary global problems. The purpose of this interdisciplinary program, which is offered jointly by the Department of Philosophy and Religion in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Peace and Conflict Resolution Division (IPCR) in the School for International Service at American University, is to prepare students broadly in the practical application of ethical theory and policy analysis to difficult ethical choices in global affairs, and specifically to the dynamics of war and peace and conflict resolution.

International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Now with eight tenure-track faculty identified as IPCR faculty as well as temporary and adjunct faculty who bring a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience of the field, IPCR is a dynamic and growing part of American University. The faculty, staff and students pride themselves on the international, inter-disciplinary, inter-linking aspects of the courses and degree programs now being offered. With a strong emphasis on the blending of theory and practice, peace studies with conflict resolution, and always with a search for alternatives to violence, IPCR stands apart as a reputable and unique academic and professional training program.

Social Enterprise Initiative

SIS has launched a school-wide Social Enterprise Initiative that builds on and expands our approach to teaching social entrepreneurship. For many years our graduates have started new NGOs and led change efforts in existing international organization. We have always been a school centered on a mission of service. This initiative is the latest expression of that purpose.

School of Professional & Extended Studies

Online Graduate Certificate in Project Monitoring and Evaluation

This in-depth online Certificate equips participants with the skillset needed to design and implement program-based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to make a difference within the social impact sector. It prepares students to both qualitatively and quantitatively assess internationally funded projects mainly located in developing countries.

School of Public Affairs

Key Executive Program

The Key MPA Program largely serves leaders employed by the federal government, though a significant number of state, local, nonprofit and private leaders also graduate from the program. Each course is highly relevant to the complex roles and tasks of public-sector team leaders, managers, and executives. Each course is also continually reviewed to reflect changes occurring in business and the public sector.

Graduate Certificate: Nonprofit Management

This interdisciplinary certificate program encompasses course offerings from the School of Public Affairs, Kogod School of Business, and School of Communication, with the opportunity for students to select courses from the School of International Service and College of Arts and Sciences as well. It provides those currently working in the nonprofit sector a program combining both academic rigor and skill set training to enhance their performance in this growing work sector, as well as a foundation for master's degree students about to enter the field. 

Graduate Certificate: Women, Policy, and Political Leadership

The Women & Politics Institute’s Graduate Certificate in Women, Policy, and Political Leadership (WPPL) provide the knowledge and experience you need to become a leader in the field of politics, government, and the nonprofit sector. The WPPL programs give students not only in-depth theoretical knowledge on women and politics, but also the opportunity to learn to evaluate current issues with leading practitioners and experts.

MA: Political Communication

This joint program offered by American University’s School of Communication (SOC) and School of Public Affairs (SPA) provides an understanding of the theory and practice of political institutions as well as the interaction between those institutions, the media and the public. Create, shape, and manage information strategically to guide political communication and integrate new media technologies into the political process. Experience the power of political communication in guiding political change. Political communication graduates will be prepared to pursue careers as politicians, policy-makers, political communication strategists, and campaign executives.

Online Master of Public Administration and Policy

American University's online Master of Public Administration and Policy (MPAP) program combines our School of Public Affairs' top-ranked, nationally recognized and NASPAA accredited MPA and MPP degree programs into one foundational, highly marketable credential.

Washington College of Law

LLM: Law and Government

Designed for both domestic and international law graduates who have a strong interest in U.S. government and politics, the dynamics of democracy, and the meaning of the rule of law, the LL.M. in Law and Government takes students on a broad and deep examination of the most important public policy issues of the time. Our organizing educational principle is that the best prepared lawyers and analysts in fields of regulatory law not only have a firm grasp of particular subjects, but also a mastery of theories, political forces, and institutional realities that define public law in the United States. 

LLM/MIS: Master of Laws/ Masters International Studies Dual Degree

The International Legal Studies Program (ILSP) at the American University Washington College of Law is proud to announce the dual LLM/MIS degree with the School of International Service at American University. This unique program offers students and mid-career professionals the ability to complete both an LLM and MIS degree on a two year accelerated track. Designated for those interested in careers in law and international relations, this degree provides students with both the knowledge and resources to succeed in today’s global environment.