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Internal Faculty Funding

The Office of the Provost provides competitive internal research grants to support faculty research, scholarship, professional and creative activities.

Research Grants

The Office of the Provost provides competitive internal research grants to support faculty research, scholarship, professional and creative activities. All full-time tenured or tenure earning faculty and all term faculty are eligible to submit proposals. The Washington College of Law faculty are not eligible for this particular funding opportunity, unless they are part of a group of faculty from other academic units at AU.

The awards are intended to provide financial support for the direct costs of pilot research studies, demonstration projects, feasibility studies or other forms of proof of concept, to enable faculty members to leverage the results and apply for external funds to support their research, scholarship or creative activities.

For more information regarding this funding opportunity, please contact Anita Brown

College of Arts & Sciences 

John Bracht
Project Title: Investigating the Epigenetic Control of Fat Differentiation

Elizabeth Cotter
Project Title: Mindfulness, Cognitive Function, and Obesity Risk

Lindsey Green-Simms
Project Title: LGBT African Cinema and the Art of Resistance

Mark Laubach
Project Title: Reward Signaling by the Prefrontal Cortex

Walter G. Park
Project Title: Patent Valuation: A New Method Using International Patent Families

Alexander Zestos
Project Title: Novel Electrode Materials for Neurotransmitter Metabolite Detection

Kogod School of Business

Maria Figueroa-Armijos
Project Title: Corporate Reputation in the Sharing Economy

School of Education

Alida Anderson
Project Title: Dispelling the Dyslexia Neuromyth with an Interactive Science Learning Module

Emily Peterson
Project Title: Development of a Classroom Observation Tool to Evaluate Spatial Learning Environments

School of International Service

Lauren Carruth
Project Title: Diabetes in Humanitarian Emergencies: Experiences and Challenges of Type 2 Diabetes in the Somali Region of Ethiopia

Agustina Giraudy
Project Title: Who Gets Help? Poverty and the Allocation of Federal Green Aid

School of Public Affairs

Seth Gershenson
Project Title: What's in a Name? An Empirical Analysis of School Names in the U.S. South

Jennifer Lawless
Project Title: Reinvigorating Interest in Local News: An Experiment

Thomas Zeitzoff
Project Title: Primed for Fighting: The Effect of Leader Rhetoric Endorsing Violence

College of Arts and Sciences

Vikki Connaughton
Terry Davidson
Project Title: Linking Cognitive Dysfunction to Vascular Deterioration in Diabetes

Katie DeCicco-Skinner
Dave Carlini
Project Title: Identification of Genetic Mutations that Drive Skin Cancer

Tim Doud
Zoe Charlton
Project Title: "sindikit": Creative, Collaborative and Coworking Models

Matthew Hartings
Project Title: 3D Printed Cellulose Composites

Mark Laubach
Project Title: Optogenetic and Chemogenetic Studies on the Rodent Frontal Cortex

Gabriel Mathy
Project Title: Quantifying the Effect of Huey Long's Stimulus Program

Jessica Young
Project Title: Health Behaviors, Risks, and Outcomes in Economically Distressed Communities

Kogod School of Business

Michael Mowchan
Project Title: Remediating Audit Partner Disclosure in Negligence Cases

School of Communication

Ericka Menchen-Trevino
Project Title: Web Historian

Benjamin Stokes
Project Title: Empowering Neighborhoods to Design their Own Games

School of Professional and Extended Studies
Jeffrey Crouch
Project Title: The Unitary Executive: Myth and Presidential Power

School of Public Affairs

Todd Eisenstadt
Jie Lu
Matthew Wright
Project Title: The Politics of Climate Change-Induced Migration in Bangladesh and Beyond

Erdal Tekin
Project Title: The Impact of Exposure to Stress in Utero on Birth Outcomes

Other Internal Opportunities

The Center for Teaching, Research & Learning offers faculty awards and grants to support teaching and research. For more information, please go HERE.

The Awards for Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring: these competitive awards recognize excellence in the mentoring of master's and doctoral students. Each award will include a stipend of $1,000.00. Applications may be submitted by faculty in all of American University's academic units (CAS, KSB, Library, SIS, SOC, SOE, SPA, SPExS and WCL). All full-time faculty members (tenure earning, tenured, and term) are eligible to apply for consideration for either award.

For the Award for Excellence in Doctoral Student Mentoring, preference will be given to a faculty member who emphasizes research-related mentoring. For the Award for Excellence in Master's Student Mentoring, applicants may emphasize either research mentoring or professional mentoring activities.

Applicants are eligible to apply for one or both awards.

2018 Award For Excellence In Doctoral Student Mentoring:
Rhonda Zaharna
Director, Global Media
School of Communication

2018 Award for Excellence in Master's Student Mentoring:
Meg Bentley
Professorial Lecturer
Director in Residence of Laboratories
Department of Biology
College of Arts and Science

Grant Writing Assistance

Dr. Ralph Pollack (a grant writing consultant) and Louise DeCosta Wides (a writing consultant and editor)have assisted numerous faculty with preparing grant proposals. For more information on their services or to schedule an appointment, please go HERE.