Building 21st Century Knowledge and Skills

Practical Skills

With a track record for leading-edge experiential learning, the School of Professional & Extended Studies combines academic rigor with applied, immersive coursework and places students at the table with leaders and employers in their chosen field through internships and practical learning.

Lifelong Learning

We offer learners of all ages flexibility at critical stages of their professional career path. Whether to enhance performance, change fields, or advance in life, our face-to-face and online programs support professional, executive, graduate, undergraduate, and pre-collegiate learners who seek more than just a classroom experience.

Connectors and Translators

The School of Professional & Extended Studies specializes in training for the flexibility, cross-cultural competence, and collaborative skills essential for success in the 21st century global knowledge economy. Working across disciplines, in close partnership with employers, we create learning opportunities and applications for real-world settings.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Train your workforce.

    Partner with us to build your 21st century cadre to support your strategic mission through customized and flexible academic programs.

  • Invest in global leadership.

    Our programs attract diverse students from across the nation and the world. Invest in their success in and out of the classroom and the workplace through sponsored academic programs and scholarships, mentoring, and speaking engagements.

  • Recruit talent for the jobs of the future.

    Find leaders for entry-level, mid-career, and advanced professional needs through the School of Professional & Extended Studies' internship and experiential learning opportunities.