Internship Services

Once you make your deposit, the doors will open for you to:

  • Draw on the Washington Semester Program's 70-years of excellence in internship placements
  • Leverage online resume books available to over 3,500 internship contacts
  • Access more than 6,000 internships and apply to openings with your resume and cover letter
  • Participate in regular internship advising sessions
  • Receive personalized advice from a career advisor and resources to tailored guides

Stand Out

Students in the Washington Semester Program (WSP) receive guidance to secure substantive, learning-oriented internships in the Washington, DC, area.

What makes a WSP internship stand out from other programs? Interactive, faculty-led seminars that complement what you learn from your internship experience.


WSP has that kind of impact because each student here learns experientially -- in American University classrooms, in-person from global thought leaders throughout Washington, DC, and on-the-job during a relevant internship experience.

The WSP internship will help you to sharpen the skills you need for your career. It will place you in a professional environment, and expand your network in one of the most connected cities in the world. You will gain confidence by assuming professional responsibilities, work on real projects, and hone your interpersonal skills working with people who make things happen.


Now more than ever, employers are highly selective about whom they hire. Virtually all hiring managers prefer to hire graduates who bring real–world experience to their organization. In very real terms, a degree alone may just not be enough to land your dream job.

Internships do more than just look good on your resume. You can test–drive the career path that interests you most. You can

  • build a network of professional and personal contacts
  • develop the skills employers are seeking
  • and build confidence, motivation and professional work habits you need to excel.

Ultimately, an internship can get your foot in the door with major companies or influential organizations. More employers each year hire their interns as full–time employees after graduation.

In Washington, D.C., you have unparalleled access to internships. These opportunities enable you to enrich your education with high-impact experiences and to apply classroom lessons in professional settings. WSP internships polish your job search skills and professional abilities.

Fifty percent of the time, interns report that their professional experiences affirm their career aspirations. However, learning what you dislike in a position, organization, or field is equally valuable. So too is developing new skills, expanding your list of achievements, and building relationships with professionals.

The more internship experience you have, the more qualified you will find yourself for future internships and jobs. Therefore, your WSP internship will help you explore a wide variety of opportunities and launch you into your future career.

WSP internship supervisors offer students challenging assignments as well as valuable industry and organizational insights. If you excel in your position, you can expect to walk away with tangible work samples, positive recommendations, and polished interpersonal skills. Perhaps you may even receive a job offer at the conclusion of your internship, as some our WSP alumni have.

Current Students

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