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Daniel Fong

Associate Professor
Department of Biology

  • Degrees

    PhD, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Northwestern University
    MS, Zoology, University of Oklahoma
    BA, Zoology, University of California, Berkeley

  • CAS - Biology
  • Hurst - 110A

  • (202) 885-2174 (Work)
  • (202) 885-2182 (Fax)
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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Research Interests

  • Ecology and evoluton of groundwater crustacean fauna.
  • Biodiversity of subterranean fauna.
  • Determinants of community structure in spring habitats.

Work In Progress

  • Phylogeography of the federally threatened Madison Cave Isopod, Antrolana lira, in phtreatic groundwater of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia. 
  • Population structure of the stygobiotic amphipod, Stygobromus tenuis potamacus, and of the isopod, Caecidotea kenki, from hypotelminorheic habitats along the Potomac River.
  • Genetics of eye loss in cave compared to surface populations of the amphipod, Gammarus minus.
  • Variation in life-history parameters among spring-dwelling populations of hte amphipod Gammarus minus and its effects on invertebrate community structure in karst springs.

Selected Publications

  • Hutchins, B., D.W. Fong, and D.B. Carlini. 2010. Genetic population structure of the Madison Cave Isopod, Antrolana lira (Cymothoida: Cirolanidae), in the Shenandoah Valley of the eastern United States. Journal of Crustacean Biology 30: in press.
  • Carlini, D.B., J. Manning, P.G. Sullivan, and D.W. Fong. 2009. Molecular genetic variation and population structure in morphologically differentiated cave and surface populations of the freshwater amphipod Gammarus minus. Molecular Ecology 18:1932-1945.
  • Fong, D.W. 2009. Brood size of the stygobiotic asellid isopod Caecidotea pricei from a spring run in West Virginia. Speleobiology Notes 1:1-2..
  • Holsinger, J.R., J. Shafer, D.W. Fong, and D.C. Culver. 2008. Gammarus cohabitus, a new species of subterranean amphipod crustacean (Gammaridae) from groundwater habitats in central Pennsylvania, USA. Subterranean Biology 6:31-41.
  • Fong, D.W., D.C. Culver, H.H. Hobbs III, and T. Pipan. 2007. The Invertebrate Cave Fuana of West Virginia, Second Edition. West Virginia Speleological Survey Bulletin 16. Barrackville, WV..

Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

  • President, Karst Waters Institute
  • Fellow, National Speleological Society
  • Niphargus fongi Fiser and Zagmajster 2009
  • Pseudotremia fongi Shear 2008