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    Results of Graduation Census as of six months after graduation for May graduates from 2013—2015.

    As a proposal coordinator for a global charity organization, Sarah Riczo empowers families struggling with hunger and poverty to change their lives. The public funding that she connects them to provides the training needed to strengthen local economies and can lift a community out of poverty.

    SPA Assistant Professor Bradley Hardy has been awarded a Brookings Institution economic studies fellowship for 2016/2017 academic year. Hardy said he was excited by the prospect of working with Brookings scholars to pursue such mutual research interests as poverty, social policy, economic instability, and intergenerational mobility. During his fellowship, he will briefly be on leave from his position as assistant professor of public administration and policy. “It’s an honor to be a Brookings fellow,” said Hardy. “I’m looking forward to working with such a talented group of economic scholars on issues that really matter to the American people.” Read more about Bradley Hardy »


    How Much Power Can a President Have?


    With just weeks to go until election day, how much power will our next president have the day they step into office? We’ve heard some surprising ideas, including one candidate’s threat to jail the other.  

    When it comes to presidential power, Chris Edelson, assistant professor at American University’s School of Public Affairs, has a lot to say. Edelson’s teaching and research interests focus presidential national security power under the U.S. Constitution. His new book, Power Without Constraint: The Post 9/11 Presidency and National Security, details how Presidents have abused power and pushed the boundaries of what our forefathers had in mind.

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    On Campus

    Why are Men Disappearing from the American Workforce?

    Sandra Black, professor of economics at the University of Texas at Austin and a member of the Obama Administration Council of Economic Advisers, spoke at an event hosted by SPA about this trend and the possible explanations behind it.

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    Government & Politics

    Extremist Marketing: How ISIS Recruits with Killer Messaging

    SPA Assistant Professor Tricia Bacon says it’s a good time to reflect on what has and hasn’t worked to combat the war on terror - particularly in the fight that is taking place online.

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    Crime, Policing, and Justice: 50 Years of Progress?

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    AU School of Public Affairs in the Media

    • Adrienne LeBas, SPA associate professor, spoke with The New York Times on October 11 about Donald Trump's threat to jail Hillary Clinton.

    • Richard Benedetto, SPA adjunct professorial lecturer, wrote an op-ed for the USA Today on October 4 calling out the editorial board's decision to endorse a presidential candidate.

    • Jan Leighley, SPA professor, spoke to the USA Today on October 3 for an article about voter turnout in the 2016 election.