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Professor Pascale

Celine-Marie Pascale

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies Department of Sociology

Additional Positions at AU

  • Professor of Sociology
As a sociologist who studies language, Dr. Pascale's research concerns culture, knowledge and power. She is currently engaged in a study of the discursive production of risk in US media accounts of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Through a systematic examination of over 2000 pages of news and blogs, she is exploring how the presence “risk” was constructed and made meaningful in particular ways. Dr. Pascale is the author of three books. Her first, Making Sense of Race, Gender and Class: Commonsense, Power and Privilege in the United States (Routledge, 2007) won the Distinguished Scholarship Award from the American Sociology Association Section on Race, Class and Gender. Her second book, Cartographies of Knowledge: Exploring Qualitative Epistemologies (Sage 2011) won the 2012 Distinguished Book Award from the International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry for “charting new territories." Pascale’s third book Social Inequalities & The Politics of Representation: A Global Landscape was published in 2013.


PhD, Sociology (with a certificate in Women’s Studies), University of California, Santa Cruz
MA, Social Science, San Jose State University
BA, Communications, Glassboro State College

CAS - Dean's Office
Battelle Tompkins - 202
Contact Info
(202) 885-2524 (Office)

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Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Research Interests


Professor Celine-Marie Pascale’s primary scholarly interest is in exploring the (re)production of culture, knowledge, and power through sociological analyses of language and representation. Her research draws from contemporary social theory including Feminist and Poststructural theories.  Methodologically, she has expertise in qualitative inquiry, particularly in forms of textual analysis and interview techniques.  


Honors, Awards, and Fellowships


  • College Dean's Award for Outstanding Contributions to an Inclusive Community.  In recognition of efforts "to build an inclusive community by raising awareness of opportunities and challenges, fostering dialogue, providing insight and innovations and/or implementing change. College of Arts & Sciences, American University. 2016.
  • Distinguished Book Award, International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry for an original contribution to the field with Cartographies of Knowledge: Exploring Qualitative Epistemologies. 2012.
  • Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Book Award, American Sociological Association Section on Race, Gender, and Class for a distinguished and significant contribution to the development of the integrative field of race, gender, and class for Making Sense of Race, Class and Gender: Commonsense, Power and Privilege in the U.S. 2008.
  • American University Library selected Making Sense of Race, Class and Gender: Commonsense, Power and Privilege in the U.S. as one of the most outstanding publications reported by AU Faculty in the last year 2008.
  • Selected by the Center for Teaching Excellence for recognition as one of three inspiring teachers at American University.Featured in a short documentary film for the 2009 Ann Ferren Teaching Conference 2008.
  • Invited Presenter: Noontime Conversations: Reflections on Inspired Teaching. Invited by the Center for Teaching, Research and Learning, American University 2009.
  • Multicultural Affairs/International Student Services Award for Distinguished Faculty, American University for scholarly achievements and unselfish commitment to the enhancement of cultural awareness and diversity within the American University community 2005.



Professional Services

  • International and Multicultural Branch of the Women's Initiative. Guest speaker on the sexualization of race, 2011
  • Acorn Hill Elementary School, Diversity Consultant, 2008-2009
  • AmeriCorp, Workshop Facilitator Pedagogies of Peace 2008, 2004
  • Children's Defense Fund National Freedom School Training, Curriculum Specialist for national theme Breaking the Cradle to Prison Pipeline, 2008
  • Children's Defense Fund National Freedom School Training, Workshop Facilitator for Nonviolent Communication, Forgiveness Compassion, and Conflict Resolution, 2008
  • Washington Waldorf School, Diversity Consultant, 2008
  • DC Reads, Campus Life, American University, Diversity Workshop Facilitator, 2008, 2007, 2005
  • Office of Campus Life, Multicultural Affairs, American University, Workshop Facilitator Intercultural Competence, 2004

Selected Publications


  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2013. Social Inequalities & The Politics of Representation: A Global Landscape
  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2011. Cartographies of Knowledge: Exploring Qualitative Epistemologies. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. (Won the 2012 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry award for a distinguished contribution to the field.)
  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2007. Making Sense of Race, Class and Gender: Commonsense, Power and Privilege in the U.S. New York: Routledge. (Won the American Sociological Association Section on Race, Class, and Gender Award for making a distinguished and significant contribution to the field, 2008.) Reviewed in Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews (2009), Contemporary Psychology: A Journal of Reviews (2009), Gender &Society (2009), Political Studies Review (2010) and Revista Internacional de Organizaciones (2011). 


Journal Articles and Book Chapters   

  •  Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2016. Discources of the North Atlantic: Epistemology & Hegemony. Qualitative Inquiry. 22(4): 219-227.
  •  Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2016. Vernacular Epistemologies of Risk: The Crisis in Fukushima. Current Sociology (0011392115627284) March 3, pp. 1-18.

  • Pascale, Celine-Marie and Chanda Cook. 2015. "Language, Culture & Power." Z Magazine 28:7/8 45-49.

  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2011. Epistemology and the Politics of Knowledge. Pp. 154-165 in Sociological Routes and Political Roots, a Sociological Review Monograph edited by Michaela Benson and Rolland Munro.    

  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2010. Horizontes de posibilida. Barataria: Revista Castellano-Manchega de Ciencias, 11:31-39.
  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2009. Commonsense, Gender, and the Politics of Queer Visibility. Pp. 39-59 in Advances in Gender Research, Vol. 13, edited by Marcia Segal and Vasilikie Demos. U.K.: Emerald Publishing Group, Ltd.
  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2009. Emerging Landscapes in Social Research: Comments on Nigel Fielding, Postmodern Thought and Social Research. Current Sociology, 57, 3: 449-455.
  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2008.Common Sense and the Collaborative Production of Class. Cultural Sociology, 2(3): 345-367.
  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2008. Talk About Race: Shifting the Analytical Paradigm. Qualitative Inquiry, 14(5):723-741.
  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2008. The Specter of Whiteness.Studies in Symbolic Interaction, 30: 167-181.
  • Pascale, Celine-Marie. 2005. There's No Place Like Home: The Discursive Creation of Homelessness. Cultural Studies- Critical Methodologies, 5:2:250-268.



Professional Presentations

  • Guest Speaker. Vernacular Epistemologies of Risk: The Crisis in Fukushima. Humanities Lab, American University. 2015.
  • Presenter. Fukushima, Tsunamis and Earthquakes: The meanings of risk in the 21st century. XVIII World Congress of International Sociology Association in Yokohama, Japan. July 2014.
  • Guest Lecture. Queering Gender Studies. University of Szeged, Szeged, Hungary. November 2012.
  • Presenter. Representing Race: Reproducing Whiteness in the Public Imagination. Second International Sociology Association Forum. Buenos Aires, Argentina August 2012.
  • Presenter. Social Epistemologies, Social Sciences. International Institute of Sociology 40th World Congress: After Western Hegemony: Social Science & Its Publics. Delhi, India February 2012.
  • Presenter. Social Epistemologies: Qualitative Methodologies: Innivations in Qualitative Inquiry. American Sociology Association. Las Vegas, NV August 2011.     
  • Guest Speaker. Feminist Epistemologies and the Politics of Knowledge. Mini-conference: Bridging Borders and Boundaries: Transnational Feminist Research on Gender & Sexuality. Hosted by the Eastern Sociological Society. Philadelphia, 2011. 
  • Presenter. Sociologies of Language.Research Committee 25, Language & Society, International Sociological Association XVII World Congress. Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2010.   
  • Presenter. Language and the (re)Production of Knowledge & Power. Language & Culture Network, Section on Cultural Sociology. 2009.
  • Presenter. Epistemologies of Ignorance: 19th -Century Methods and 21st-Century Complexities.Fifth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. 2009.
  • Presenter for the Presidential Sessions. Horizons of Possibility: Sociology in the 21st Century.International Sociology Association, First Sociology Forum, Barcelona, Spain. 2008.
  • Presenter. Cultural Erasure in the Production of Knowledge, Culture and Power.Third International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. 2007.
  • Guest Speaker. Making Sense of Race, Gender and Class: Methodological Issues.The Material Culture/Visual Culture Research Program Area Consortium on Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (CRGE). University of Maryland, College Park. 2006.
  • Talking About Race: Shifting the Analytical Paradigm. American Sociological Association. 2006.
  • The Color of Dreams and The Meaning of Ambition. International Sociological Association, Durban, South Africa. 2006.
  • Guest Speaker & Discussant with Chai Feldblum, Professor of Law and Director of the Federal Legislation Clinic at Georgetown University Law Center. “Bodies in Revolt: Gender, Disability and a Workplace Ethic of Care.Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Division of United States Studies. 2005.

Media Appearances

  • Counterspin. Hosted by Fairness & Accuracey in the Media (FAIR). "Media Coverage of Fukushima." Show aired on March 24, 2015 on approximately 150 stations.
  • International Business Times of Australia. "Media Coverage on Fukushima Disaster Minimised Risks New Analysis Says. Jenny Panganiban. March 18, 2015.
  • Channel 9 NewsNow (WUSA). Interviewed by Brittany Moorehouse on the controversy generated by Russell Crowe's tweet about circumcision. Aired June 10, 2011 on 5pm and 7pm newscasts.
  • La Nación (one of Argentina's premier newspapers). Interviewed by Washington correspondent Inés Capdevila, October 30, 2008 regarding the impact of the presidential election on cultural issues such as race and feminism.
  • Sinclair Broadcast Group (ABC, CBA, FOX, CW, NBC) Interviewed by Meghan McCorkell  October 1, 2008 regarding sexism in the presidential election cycle.
  • Channel 9 News Now (WUSA). Interviewed by Gary Nurenberg, September 12, 2008 regarding social interaction and the rise of hugging among men—in light the recent photos of Obama and McCain hugging.
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazatte. Interviewed by Sally Kalson August 12, 2008 regarding the use of slurs and bigoted language in popular films.
  • "A Weigh with Words:  An Inside Look at How Words Create Conflict or Compassion."  Interviewed along with along with Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, local artists, activists, and scholars for a documentary film by A NU VIEW on gender, sexual orientation, race, class and the power of words.  Debuted at the Regal Cinemas in Gallery Place Cinemas, Washington, D.C., on August 22, 2007.
  • WJLA Channel 7/ABC News. Interviewed by Stephen Tschida on March 15, 2007 regarding on media, gender and eating disorders.
  • National Public Radio, Morning Edition.  Interviewed by Jason Kane, reporter for Morning Edition, on March 8, 2007 regarding racially-themed parties on college campuses.
  • Metro Networks, a national radio wire service with 1500 affiliates. Interviewed by Gene Colleta on  February 28, 2007 regarding the importance of Women's History Month and key issues facing women today.

AU Expert

Area of Expertise: Language and representation; race, gender, class, and sexuality; qualitative methods; social theory; feminist theory

Additional Information: Celine-Marie Pascale
, associate professor of sociology, is an award-winning scholar who is interested in sociological analyses of language.  Her research concerns the construction of knowledge—both popular and academic—about inequalities.  Pascale's expertise includes not only language and representation but also  race (particularly whiteness privilege), class, gender, and sexuality. Pascale's first book, Making Sense of Race, Gender and Class: Commonsense, Power and Privilege in the United States (Routledge, 2007) received the 2008 Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Book Award from the American Sociological Association. Pascale’s second book, Cartographies of Knowledge: Exploring Qualitative Epistemologies, was released by Sage in 2010. Her third book, Inequalities: The Politics of Representation in a Global Landscape (Sage, 2012), examines how material inequalities around the globe are produced and resisted through various forms of public discourse and media representation. Pascale’s research also is published in numerous national and international peer-reviewed journals. She serves as president of the Research Committee on Language and Society for the International Sociological Association and is active in the section on Race, Class and Gender of the American Sociological Association.

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