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Step Up

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  • They told him it was tradition. I told an advisor it was hazing. Step Up
  • She was too drunk to sleep it off. I called for an ambulance. Step Up
  • He always pre-gamed for Friday on Tuesday. I told him I was concerned. Step Up
  • Overwhelmed became my normal. Then I visited the Counseling Center. Step Up
  • Claire Step Up
  • Bobby Step Up

Have you ever witnessed a situation that did not seem right, but you did not intervene and later wished you had? Perhaps you thought you should not get involved, or that someone else would help… or maybe you did not know how to help. In situations where someone might be harmed or is struggling, there is often someone else who notices the warning signs. What if that someone stepped up and helped? What if that someone made a difference in the outcome?

Step Up is a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program that uses workshops and communications to teach community members how to be that someone who steps up and helps others. Launched at AU in summer 2014, Step Up also:

  • identifies reasons why people may not intervene
  • provides five steps and three strategies (3Ds: Direct, Distract, Delegate) to safely intervene
  • creates a safer and supportive environment for the AU community.

Join your fellow community members and learn how to STEP UP! ...and be more than a bystander!

Upcoming Workshops

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Hazing Report Form

This form may be used to report hazing activity. Every member of the University community is responsible for reporting actual or suspected hazing activities to the Dean of Students office or to Public Safety as soon as possible.

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