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Study journalism in Washington, DC, one of the centers of the media universe.

Plug into the best internships, such as those at NPR, VOA, The Washington Post, USA Today, SOC's Investigative Reporting Workshop and more. Connect with cutting-edge faculty teaching courses from the heady to the hands-on, in everything from web design to Race, Ethnic and Community reporting.

We like to say if you can be a journalist here, you can be a journalist anywhere. Learn investigative reporting from internationally acclaimed faculty. Explore the halls of Congress next to working media. Produce news for audio, video and mobile platforms.

SOC's undergraduate program was named one of the Top 10 in the U.S. by USA Today.  We teach basics like digital skills, writing and reporting and work up to courses that could include ethics, law, health reporting and advanced reporting. You will specialize in broadcast or print journalism, but everyone gets the same basic skills.

Our graduate programs dive deeper into policy, politics, Washington or technology. Choose the investigative journalism specialty and study under legends such as Chuck Lewis. Select broadcast and produce news for multiple platforms as you master video, audio and mobile storytelling. Focus on international journalism and explore the globe through critical issues facing international journalists today. A host of prestigious fellowships and internships await as springboards for your career.