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Honors registers incoming students for their first Honors course - HNRS 200. More detail of the curriculum can be found on our Honors Curriculum page. Students work with their academic advisors to register for all non-Honors courses.

Course registration times are assigned based on the number of credits students have completed. Honors students have priority registration. For Honors students, 15 "ghost" credits are added to the number of credits they've already completed. This helps students register as if they have completed an extra semester of credits.

If you have questions about your Honors courses, contact the Honors office. We are happy to help!

Once students have completed the courses in the AU Honors program with a grade of C or better, their General Education requirements are considered fulfilled. If students are not able to complete all Honors courses, they will need to contact their academic advisory and the Honors office to plan the remainder of their General Education requirements.

Note: Academic records will not reflect completion of the General Education requirements until after final grades have been posted for the Capstone course.

What is the first Honors class?
The first course for first-year students is HNRS-200 (Honors Inquiry 1) which is currently The Urban Experience between Washington and Ho Chi Minh City, Kabul and San Pedro Sula. This is a 4 credit course which has a lab component. 

Aside from HNRS-200, do I need to take anything else in the Fall of my first year?
No additional courses are required for Honors in your first semester. 

Do Honors courses count toward General Education (AU Core) credits?
Yes, students who successfully complete all of the Honors courses will have satisfied all AU Core requirements

Will I be able to study abroad while in the Honors program?
The Honors curriculum is structured in the first two years and has increasing flexibility the third and fourth years. These are the best times to plan to study abroad. The Research Module is a hybrid course which lends itself well to be taken while abroad.