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Department of Government


Whether you are a graduate student aspiring to advance your career, or an undergraduate inspired by the power and workings of government, our department's faculty—through their scholarly achievements and first-hand experience—offer students a special entry point to politics and governance. Through course work in our degree programs we provide future leaders with the knowledge they need to excel in the political arena.

The academic experience of the Government Department is heightened by our location in the heart of our nation’s capital. Students find that all of Washington is their classroom, with opportunities to gain experience on Capitol Hill, in the executive branch and on K Street. Through our rich academic curriculum, unparalleled ability to connect students with experts, and prime location at the center of the action, the Government Department opens the door to our political system and allows students to find their futures in one of the world's most dynamic settings.

Latest News

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer stands at the Arizona section of the American border with Mexico.

Is it Legitimate to Enforce Borders?

SPA welcomed Michael James on campus recently for a lecture about immigration as part of its Political Theory Institute’s Spring Colloquium Lecture Series.