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SPA: Government 4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington, DC 20016-8130 United States

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The Department of Government at AU’s School of Public Affairs

Whether you are a graduate student aspiring to advance your career, or an undergraduate inspired by the power and workings of government, the degree programs and certificates in the Department of Government in the AU School of Public Affairs will give you the skills and knowledge you need today to become one of the leading political practitioners of tomorrow.

Our curriculum draws from the breadth and depth of intellectual resources across American University, providing our students with rigorous training and critical thinking skills essential to analyzing political activity and behavior and understanding systems of government. Our programs combine expertise and scholarship in political science, political communication, and more focused areas such as women and politics.

Through our rich academic curriculum, unparalleled ability to connect students with experts, and prime location at the center of the action, the School of Public Affairs’ Department of Government opens the door to our political system and prepares you to compete and lead in the government arena.

Find your future here—join us.

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SPA Research

Our faculty delve into complex and pressing issues of our time.

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SPA Pilots New Civil Discourse Program

On Campus

SPA Pilots New Civil Discourse Program

In today’s polarized society, universities have an opportunity to engage in civil dialogue. SPA is working with the Office of Campus Life to encourage students to have tough conversations, listen to other points of view, and learn from those experiences.

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