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AU fosters an environment for like-minded, high-achieving students to live, learn together.


American University believes that talented, motivated students want choice and opportunity, and so we provide multiple pathways for you to do cutting-edge thinking, innovation, and scholarship. Whatever your path, AU is an inclusive community that connects you with classmates, faculty mentors, and opportunities-in the nation's capital and across the globe-that you can make your dreams a reality. 

What is a Living-Learning Community?

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are immersive learning experiences designed to bring students with common academic interests together for heightened intellectual and social success. LLCs assist students by placing them in close-knit living environments that support scholastic success, cultivate safe and supportive environments, encourage personal growth, and foster social responsibility. The ultimate goal is to help students mature into the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally, so they can become leaders at AU and beyond.  


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The UC/AU Cornerstone Reservation Form is now closed for the 2023-2024 academic year. If you are a first-year attending AU in the Fall, please email universitycollege@american.edu to inquire about availability.

Living-Learning Communities

Students pose in front of mural

AU Honors

The AU Honors Program brings together a diverse community of students and faculty to learn in experiential and inquiry-driven ways.

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group of CBRS volunteers

Community-Based Research Scholars

CBRS students engage in community-based service learning with local non-profit organizations.

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UC Kickoff 2022

University College

UC fosters community at AU through residential experiences that support first-year students socially and academically in their transition to college.

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Locating the International picture

AU Cornerstone DC

Cornerstone DC students gain substantive real-world skills and acquire valuable workplace experience to gain an edge to compete in the job market.

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Students gathered around the Rosetta Stone

AU Cornerstone UK

Cornerstone UK students experience cities and cultural sites throughout the United Kingdom while supported by AU and international partners.

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Madrid 1.1

AU Cornerstone Madrid SIS Scholars

A first semester fall program at the AU Madrid Center offered exclusively to AU Cornerstone students majoring in SIS.

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au compass photo

AU Compass

AU Compass allows sophomore students to explore their academic pathway and/or post-graduation plans in a tight-knit living and learning environment.  

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Your Home Away From Home

Spotlight on AU’s Living-Learning Communities

number 12

for first-year experience

12 to 1

ratio of students to faculty

100 percent

of LLC Students Participate in Experiential Learning in Washington DC