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Known as a college-centered research university, AU values scholar-teachers who are fully engaged both in research and in undergraduate and graduate teaching.

AU Milestone: 30 Million in Grants

American University, a Carnegie-classified research university, is deeply committed to creating knowledge, including creative and professional activity, in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and the professions. We strongly support research by our students and faculty.

Whether you are a student looking for project funding or a faculty member looking to communicate research impact, this site offers various resources to assist with research at AU. Please take a minute to look around the site to learn more about the exciting, innovative, and inspiring research taking place at American University.  

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Reseach Highlights

Kogod Auto Index Cover

Business ·

American Companies Dominate 2018 Kogod Made in America Auto Index as Tariff Concerns Loom

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Bradley Hardy speaking

Research ·

Research by SPA Associate Professor on Long-Term Impact of Government Assistance Wins "Best Article"

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Stack of papers in folders

Research ·

How Freedom of Information Act Requests Are Managed

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Tricia Bacon talks about her book

Research ·

New Book Examines How Terrorist Groups Become Allies

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Nuclear explosion mushroom cloud. Yellow and orange fireball.

Research ·

Doomsday Scenarios: SIS Prof Sharon Weiner Talks Nuclear Weapons and Choices

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Zebra Finch

Research ·

Gene Discovery Boosts Understanding of Zebra Finch Biology

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Faculty Impact

I am one of only a handful of researchers working in nutritional neuroscience.

I conduct clinical trials to evaluate how removal of certain food additives, along with improving nutrient intake in the diet, can directly treat neurological symptoms such as headache/migraine, cognitive deficits, memory loss, attentional issues, fatigue, and chronic pain. To date, our lab is having good success at reducing symptoms in illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Gulf War Illness, and we are working to understand the mechanisms behind these effects.

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