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Interested in learning more about the American University Experience (AUx) Program and the AUx1 and AUx2 curricula? Watch this video to hear about how AUx is a fundamental component of the first-year experience for students at American University.

About the AUx Program

The American University Experience (AUx) is a full-year AU Core Curriculum course specially designed for first-year and transfer students transitioning into their first year of college at AU. Students will complete AUx1 in their first semester (1.5 credits) and then complete AUx2 in their second semester (1.5 credits)*. 

To support student learning and development, AUx classes are co-facilitated by an Instructor and a Peer Facilitator. AUx uses a co-facilitation model as one of the ways to flatten the hierarchy structure in the classroom environment. The AUx Program is committed to incorporating anti-racist principles into curriculum design and pedagogy.

*In academic years 2023-2024 and 2024-2025, AUx1 will be offered as a 1-credit, 10-class course as part of a pilot evaluation. During these academic years, students will enroll in a section of CORE-196 rather than CORE-100/101.

Charting AUx Progress

  • AUx1 is designed to help students navigate their academic, social, cultural, and psychological adjustment to university life at AU.
  • AUx1 course learning outcomes are achieved through required course materials, in-class activities and discussions, and reflective assignments.
  • In AUx1, students will cover a wide-range of topics from habits and wellness dimensions, to identity and socialization, to how to be in community.
  • AUx2 seeks to create a space for dialogue and learning about race, social identity, and structures of power and oppression.
  • The course builds upon concepts introduced in AUx1, blending personal exploration of social identity formation with a multidisciplinary approach to race.
  • AUx2 aims to equip students to begin the practice of engaging in dialogue with recognition of impact on individuals, communities, and structures.

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This Week in AUx Newsletter

During the fall and spring semesters, the AUx Program releases a weekly newsletter with Program updates, including highlights from Instructor and Peer Facilitator Professional Development Sessions, Upcoming Events, and Curricular Updates.