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If your questions are not answered here, please complete our membership inquiry form. A member of our team will get back to you within 2 business days.


All memberships include access to the Jacobs Fitness Center, Cassell Fitness Center, recreational swim in the Reeves Aquatic Center, open court time in Bender Arena, and access to our outdoor facilities.

The majority of our memberships offer both individual or family options. 

Programs & services including group exercise classes are an additional fee.

We do not offer a pool-only membership. Access to the Reeves Aquatic Center is centralized though the Jacobs Fitness Center so entry cannot be regulated to one area only.

No. All non-student memberships are annual (with the exception of faculty or staff paying through payroll deduction and other special affiliate memberships).

Parking is available in the Sports Center parking garage before 8am and after 5pm for those without a staff/faculty parking permit. Between 8am-5pm, there is pay for parking located at the Katzen Art Center. No permits are issued to members through AU RecFit. For information on parking permits, visit Parking & Commuter Services.

 There are no partial or partial year payment options available.

All potential affiliated, alumni, and community members must complete the following registration form. After completing the registration form, please follow the instructions in the confirmation email to finish activating your membership!

To pay for a non-student membership, accepted payment methods include cash, check (made to American University), credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and Eaglebucks (if applicable). 

All annual memberships begin at the time payment is taken. Memberships do not follow the academic calendar.

A family membership consists of an individual, one spouse or domestic partner, and children under the age of 18.

There is no minimum age for children memberships. However, children must be 14 or older to access the fitness center. Children under 14 can access the arena and pool only. Children must always be accompained by an adult.

Any faculty or staff member who is also enrolled as a student must still pay for a membership.


 Unfortunately, student membership is embedded in the student fees so there is no specific fee to be reimbursed.

Unfortunately, maintaining matriculation does not pay the necessary fees that cover a RecFit student membership.

Yes. Our Student Family membership is a semester only membership for a student's partner/spouse and their children under 18 years old. More information and pricing can be found on the Non-Student Membership webpage under "Affiliated" memberships.

A student can receive a summer student membership if they meet one of the following criteria:

1. Was enrolled in the previous spring semester AND currently enrolled in the upcoming fall semester.
2. Enrolled in any summer session classes.

For individuals who are graduating in May, membership expires May 31. To continue access, they must purchase an Alumni membership.


American University has one central mailing address so there are no specific building addresses on campus. The Jacobs Fitness Center, Reeves Aquatic Center, and Bender Arena are located in the Sports Center while Cassell Fitness Center is located on the first floor of Cassell Hall (separate entrance than the residence hall). Congressional Fitness Center is located on the new east campus on the first floor of Congressional Hall (separate entrance). Please refer to a campus map for building locations. 

Typically the beginning of each semester, in September and January, and between 5-8pm during the week all semester are considered are peak times.

There are many options for members to keep their valuables stored safety within the facility. Both Cassell Fitness Center, Jacobs Fitness Center, and Congressional Fitness Center offer a variety of complimentary and rental locker options. 

Recreational Sports and Fitness facility schedules' closely follow the University calendar and are closed during all AU holidays. Evening hours are shortened during semester breaks and summer. Hours of operation can be found online here.

You cannot access the facilities without a valid membership card. Students and staff need to obtain a replacement AU ID from the One Card office. Those with a JFC card can purchase a replacement card for $15 at either fitness center front desk.  

Yes, RecFit members may sponsor two guests per day. Guest passes cost $15 per day per guest and can be purchased at the Fitness center front desk.