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Research Awards Overview

January 2017 Awards Overview

In January 2017  (FY 2017), the Office of Sponsored Programs recorded the following grant for American University researchers.

PI: John Willoughby

College of Arts and Sciences - Economics

Title: Support for The Organizational Strengthening of the Program for Gender Analysis of the Economy

Sponsor: Open Society Foundation

Funds: $421,223.00

PI: Robert Albro

Provost - Center for Latin American and Latino Studies

Title: Security and Accountability in the Northern Triangle Sponsor: Transparency International

Funds: $12,000.00

PI: Caty Borum Chattoo

School of Communication - Center for Social Media

Title: Rise Up Education Initiative with Univision/Fusion

Sponsor: Multiply Bureau

Funds: $40,394.00

PI: Deen Freelon

School of Communication

Title: Black Twitter and Journalists, Black Twitter as Journalism

Sponsor: Knight foundation Funds: $80,000.00

PI: Alida Anderson

School of Education

Title: Master Teacher Cadre Program - Secondary Special Education Cohort

Sponsor: District of Columbia Office of State Superintendent of Education

Funds: $146,389.00

PI: Anastasia Snelling

School of Education

Title: Wraparound Support Program Evaluation

Sponsor: A Wider Circle Funds: $29,950.00

PI: Robin Broad

School of International Service

Title: From National Responsible Gold-Mining Policies to Global Investment & Trade Policy: National Opportunities and Global Challenges

Sponsor: Voices for a Sustainable Future

Funds: $24,981.00

PI: Amitav Acharya

School of International Service

Title: International Security Order in Asia

Sponsor: Schwarzman Scholars

Funds: $35,590.00

PI: James Goldgeier

School of International Service

Title: Bridging the Gap

Sponsor: Carnegie Corporation of New York

Funds: $741,000.00

PI: Jonathan Fox

School of International Service

Title: Accountability Research Center 2017-2019

Sponsor: Ford Foundation

Funds: $600,000.00

PI: Lynn Addington

School of Public Affairs, Justice, Law & Criminology

Title: Non-fatal Intimate Partner Violence Against LGB Individuals: Exploring Use of Formal and Informal Services Through Analysis of Existing Data Sources

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Justice - National Institute of Justice

Funds: $134,520.00

PI: Jamin Raskin

Washington College of Law - Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project

Title: Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project 2017

Sponsor: Bernstein Family Foundation

Funds: $25,000.00

PI: Brenda Smith

Washington College of Law - Project on Addressing Prison Rape

Title: The Project on Addressing Prison Rape

Sponsor: Impact Justice

Source of Funds: U.S. Department of Justice

Funds: $100,000.00

PI: Luz Saez

Washington College of Law - Academy on Human Rights & Humanitarian Law

Title: Latin American Initiative on Gender, Justice and Sexuality

Sponsor: Ford Foundation

Funds: $140,000.00