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Known as a college-centered research university, AU values scholar-teachers who are fully engaged both in research and in undergraduate and graduate teaching.

American University, a Carnegie-classified research university, is deeply committed to creating knowledge, including creative and professional activity, in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and the professions. We strongly support research by our students and faculty.

Whether you are a student looking for project funding or a faculty member looking to communicate research impact, this site offers various resources to assist with research at AU. Please take a minute to look around the site to learn more about the exciting, innovative, and inspiring research taking place at American University.  

Faculty Research Support Grants

Internal research grants to support faculty research, scholarship, professional and creative activities are available for 2019-2020.


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How to Find Funding with Pivot- Online Session


30th Annual Ann Ferren Conference

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Reseach Highlights

Honduran flag, blue and white stripes with blue stars.

Research ·

The Future of Capitalism? AU Grad Student Says Look at Honduras

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The audience from the American University Symposium: Sex Differences: From Neuroscience to the Clinic and Beyond.

Science ·

The Center for Behavioral Neuroscience: Making an Impact in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Research

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Students Maya Kinley-Hanlon, David Bialy, and Jacob Vancampen with Philip Johnson in AU’s gravitational wave detector lab.

Science ·

AU Welcomes New Institute for Integrated Space Science and Technology

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Recent Publications

President HW Bush raising his right hand.

International ·

Why We’ll Miss George H.W. Bush, America’s Last Foreign Policy President

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Varanga Temple in Karkala, Karnataka.

Science ·

Trouble in Paradise

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Student works in a lab at a cryogenic workstation.

Science ·

Trying to Understand Addiction

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