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Job Market Candidates 2018-19

Placement Director: Professor Mary Eschelbach Hansen,

Yahia Abuhashem

Dissertation: Market Structure, Competition, and Pass-through of Exchange-Rates in a Multi-Country Framework (advised by Kara Reynolds)
Fields: International Trade, Industrial Organization, Applied Micro

Zidong An

Dissertation: Inattention, Uncertainty, and Macroeconomic Dynamics (advised by Xuguang (Simon) Sheng)
Fields: Monetary, Econometrics, Applied Macro

James Boohaker

Dissertation: Multi-Market Competition in the Global Battery Trade (advised by Robert Feinberg)
Fields: Applied Micro, Industrial Organization, International Trade

Eric Carlson

Dissertation: Three Essays on Labor, Technology, and Trade (advised by Kara Reynolds)
Fields: International Trade, Labor, Development

Valerie LaCarte

Dissertation: Three Essays on the Economic Integration of Caribbean Immigrants into the US Labor Market: A Mixed-Methods Approach (advised by John Willoughby)
Fields: Labor, International Trade, Development, Gender

Yang Liu

Dissertation: Measuring Micro and Macro Uncertainty (advised by Xuguang (Simon) Sheng)
Fields: Econometrics, Macroeconomics, Forecasting, and Finance

Michael Smith

Dissertation: Essays on Food Security, Health, and Immigration (advised by Maria S. Floro)
Fields: Development, Labor, Health

Dongping Xie

Dissertation: Three Essays on Monetary Policy Transmission and Banking Crises (advised by Alan G. Isaac)
Fields: Monetary and Macro, Financial Economics, Development

Recent Placements by Year of Graduation


Adam Ackerman: United States Air Force (active duty, next assignment expected to at the Academy)
Ebtesam Alansari: School of Business studies in the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait
Mike Cauvel: Ithaca College
Huancheng Du: Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen & Princeton University (postdoc)
Demet Cimen Gulsen: Fannie Mae
Ganbaatar Jambal: Central Bank of Mongolia
Moon Oulatta: BCEAO (Central Bank of West African States)
Maria Reyes Peguero: Gettysburg College
Rubena Sukaj: World Bank
Matthew van den Berg: University of Nebraska at Kearney (tenure track)
Phanwin Yokying: East-West Center at University of Hawaii



Zeynep (Elif) Aksoy: Jones Day
Genevre Covindassamy: Department of Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Kentaro Murayama: Notre Dame of Maryland University
Ricci Reber: Congressional Budget Office
Walter Scott: Fannie Mae
Tiberiu Scutaru: Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer, Canada
Abhilasha Srivastava, TBD
Ke Wang: International Monetary Fund


Mahsa Agha Gholizadeh: Bureau of Economic Analysis, Regional Analysis Division
Jess (Yuning) Chen: University of Redlands (term), The MITRE Corporation (permanent)
Paul Corral: World Bank
Matthew Davis: Pacific Lutheran University (initial, term), Siena College (tenure track)
Ervin Dervisevic: Consultant to the World Bank Africa Gender Innovation Lab
Justin Grana: Santa Fe Institute (postdoc), RAND (permanent)
Daniel Kuehn: Urban Institute
Wesley (Blake) Marsh: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Laurent Risler: African Development Bank (initial); IMF (permanent)
Maja Schling: Inter-American Development Bank
Tihomir Stucka: World Bank
Emcet Tas: World Bank
Tual Tuang: Fannie Mae


Nayef Al-Musehel: King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center
Megan Fasules: Center for Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University
Ganbaatar Gambal: Central Bank of Mongolia
Esgi Osturk: International Monetary Fund
Nicholas Reksten: Sarah Lawrence College (term); University of Redlands (tenure track)
Greg Seymour: International Food Policy Research Institute
Darren Sheets: International Trade Commission
Smriti Tiwari: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (initial), Skidmore College (tenure track)