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Crime Alerts

American University is required by federal law to publish timely warnings about crimes that occur on or near campus and may pose a threat to students, staff and faculty. These warnings are posted on shuttle buses and bulletin boards across campus, and a complete archive of crime alerts is listed below:

April 3 - Theft

April 6 - Simple Assault

There are no alerts for 2020

There are no alerts for 2019

No Crime Alerts Issued in 2018

December 19: Burglary 

November 19: Sex Offense

September 27: Defacing Property - Bias Related (Revised on 09/28/17)

March 8: Vandalism - Hate

Public Releases and Safety Advisories

American University Police Department (AUPD) will occasionally release safety advisories and other notices about crimes and other incidents. These advisories and notices are not federally mandated and are at the discretion of the Chief of Police.