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Policy Development Workflow

  1. Identify Need
    • Need for policy or policy revision identified and communicated to the Responsible Executive
    • Responsible Executive determines whether to proceed and if so, decides its relative priority
  2. Draft
    • Responsible Executive assigns Responsible Office(s) to develop draft Policy using template while working with the relevant stakeholders and subject matter experts.
  3. Legal Review
    • Draft policy submitted to OGC for legal review
    • Substantive changes are incorporated, as necessary, by Responsible Office.
    • This step may be repeated and/or expedited as needed until approved by Responsible Executive
  4. Cabinet Review
    • Draft Policy is circulated to the Cabinet by Responsible Executive for discussion and feedback, as appropriate.
    • This step may be repeated and/or expedited as needed
  5. Stakeholder Group Input
    • OGC sends notice of new Policy to Stakeholder Groups (AUSG, SBA, GLC, Staff Council, Faculty Senate, PCDI and President's Council) and provides deadline for feedback.

    • Feedback recorded by OGC, summarized and shared with Responsible Executive and documented for the record
  6. Approval
    • Responsible Executive coordinates the review and any additional approvals that may be required by the President or the Board of Trustees, as applicable.

    • When final Policy is approved by all required parties, Responsible Executive sends signed copy to OGC.

  7. Archive
    • OGC maintains signed version of final Policy in central repository, along with all current, superseded, and withdrawn policies.
  8. Communicate
    • OGC posts new Policy online in Policy Library and issues announcement of new policy