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Volume 6, Number 1 (June 2015)—download Full Issue 

Breaking the Cycle: The Causes and Effects of Uneducated Girls in Rwanda and Pakistan

By AnLi Kelly-Durham

This article explores girls’ education in Rwanda and Pakistan. It examines the causes of a lack of girls’ education, the impacts, and how breaking the cycle of uneducated girls can cause positive change in Rwanda and Pakistan. This article also reviews the reasoning for putting the education of boys ahead of the education of girls in the two countries. As shown in the so-called Girl Effect, educating girls will prevent them from getting pregnant at a young age, living a life of poverty, having to sell their bodies, and potentially contracting communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS. This article aims to understand why breaking the cycle of uneducated girls is more difficult for certain countries than for others, and what steps must be taken to break this cycle.

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Moving Day: Urbanization in India and China

By Zachary Porter

This article analyzes the differences and similarities in urbanization between the two nations that hold the largest number of people in the world. As of 2012, India and China combined have a population of 2.6 billion people, which is equivalent to about 37 percent of the world’s population. Both countries are in the midst of moving massive amounts of people from the rural areas to urban areas. Some say that the rate at which China’s cities are growing has never been seen in the history of mankind. India on the other hand has not spent nearly the amount of money investing in their cities. This article compares the two Asian countries in terms of their move to a more urban environment.

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Examining Poverty at the Border of West Africa: Guinea and Sierra Leone

By Olivia So

This article will examine the essence of poverty in neighboring West African countries, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The primary focus of the article is given to the ill-being of the citizens in both realms. It will first review both countries’ income per capita and the incidence of poverty. It will then discuss some driving elements behind the nature of poverty in both nations, focusing on agriculture, education, and health. Though by no means complete, this article also analyzes some of the measures Guinea and Sierra Leone have taken and could take to eradicate poverty.

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Children in Egypt and Colombia: Lack of Education, Child Labor and Malnutrition

By Gregory Tenor

This article focuses on three challenges children face in Colombia and Egypt: a lack of quality education, child labor, and malnutrition. Before discussing these challenges, the article provides first a brief literature review and some empirical background for Colombia and Egypt, reviewing the levels and evolution of GDP per capita, poverty rates and life expectancy. With regards to education, it reviews the educational opportunities and the pressures children face while attempting to complete school. It then analyzes the degree of child labor in both countries, which is mostly due to poverty of a child’s family. Malnutrition typically translates into a lifetime of health problems. Finally, the article offers some solutions that have been suggested to be beneficial for going forward.

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