2017 Award Announcement

The Info-Metrics Institute at American University announced the 2017 recipient of the Info-Metrics Institute Research Prize: Hwan-sik Choi, Associate Professor of Economics at Binghamton University.

"We are very pleased to announce the Info-Metrics Institute Research Prize recipient for 2017," said Amos Golan, director of the Info-Metrics Institute and professor at American University and an external professor at the Santa Fe Institute. "We congratulate the winner and hope that this prize will encourage him, and other scholars, to continue their important research within all areas of info-metrics."

"That award will encourage the ongoing efforts of those applying information theory and info-metrics to important problems, both old and new," added Michael Stutzer, an affiliate at the Info-Metrics Institute and professor of finance at the University of Colorado in Boulder, who also chairs the Award Committee. The prize rewards outstanding early career research.

The prizes are intended for scholars across all disciplines who earned their doctorate degree within the decade prior to the nomination deadline. They recognize scholars who have creatively used info-metrics methods in their respective disciplines, with the potential for significant impact in those disciplines. The winners will receive a certificate, monetary award and admission to the Institute as a research associate, where they can benefit from the Institute's array of activities and research meetings. Prize winners will be acknowledged at the first conferences held by the Institute following the announcement.

Choi is being recognized for his study of diffusion models using multiple information criteria and related info-metrics work in the areas of finance and economics. "I am so delighted and grateful for receiving this prestigious prize from the Institute. Attending the Institute's conferences and workshops was one of the most inspirational and exciting things that I have had in my research career" said Choi.
The Info-Metrics Institute Research Prize was established in memory of Professor Halbert L. White, Jr., one of the Institute's founding members, who passed away on March 31, 2012.