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Information, Value, Modeling, and Inference Workshop
Thursday–Friday, September 12–13, 2024
American University, Washington, DC 


The Information, Value, Modeling, and Inference Workshop is a two-day event dedicated to exploring (i) some fundamental concepts of information theory and their applications in inference, modeling, and theory construction across various disciplines, as well as (ii) concepts related to value of information. 

The fundamental concepts of information theory are being used for inference, modeling, and theory construction across most disciplines, such as biology, ecology, medicine, economics, finance, physics, political sciences, engineering, computer science, and statistics.

The objective of Fall 2024 workshop is to better understand the interconnections among value, information, and uses of information within an information-theoretic perspective.

Hosted at American University in Washington DC, this in-person workshop will consist of invited talks, presentations of papers, a graduate student session, and panel discussions. Approximately three sessions will be devoted to value of information and the potential value of data.

Topics of Interest Include but not limited to

  • Value of Information
  • Potential Value of Data
  • Modeling and Inference and possibly their values.
  • Causal Inference and info-metrics 
  • AI, Machine Learning, and Info-metrics
  • Partial Identification and Information Theory
  • Inequality and info-metrics

Call for ParticipationSubmission Deadline: June 16

  • Contributed Sessions:
    Interested researchers and practitioners from across the disciplines are invited to submit papers. All papers must be related to info-metrics. 
  • Student Session:
    We encourage interested students from across disciplines to submit papers to be presented at a special Students’ Poster/Short Presentation Session. This session provides an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their research and engage with peers and experts in the field.
  • What to Submit?
    Complete, or draft, papers are preferred, but detailed abstracts are also acceptable.
  • Submission Details:
    All submissions should be sent to the with CC to by Sunday, June 16, 2024. Please use ‘Info-Metrics Fall Workshop Submission’ as the subject line.

Program Committee

  • Workshop Co-Chair: Min Chen, Department of Engineering Science, U Oxford (Fellow, Pembroke College)
  • Workshop Co-Chair: Amos Golan, Info-metrics Institute, Department of Economics, American University and Santa-Fe (External)
  • Workshop Co-Chair: Essie Maasoumi, Department of Economics, Emory College of Arts & Sciences
  • Nataly Kravchenko-Balasha, Laboratory of Biophysics and Cancer Research, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Duncan Foley, The New School of Social Research and Santa-Fe (External)
  • Ariel Caticha, Department of Physics, The State University of New York at Albany
  • Ilya Nemenman, Department of Physics, Emory University
  • Alastair Hall, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester
  • John Harte, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California at Berkeley
  • Sherman Robinson, International Food Policy Research Institute
  • Werner Ploberger, Department of Economics, Washington University of St. Louis
  • Jeffrey Racine, Department of Economics, McMaster University