Sarychev Volcano.

Science ·

Volcanic Eruptions in the Age of Climate Change

Valentina Aquila, an assistant professor of environmental science, is an atmospheric scientist who uses global climate models, as well as satellite, aircraft, and ground based observation to understand the role aerosols play in the world’s climate system.
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Quantum entanglement

Research ·

Solving the Few-Body Problem in Physics

There aren’t many equations that can probe the wide spectrum of possible few-particle dynamics in physics. A new family of mathematical models for mixtures of quantum particles could help light the way.
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Pokemon Go

Communications ·

Can Augmented Reality Build Stronger Cities?

American University professor Benjamin Stokes is researching to find out if Pokémon Go can improve our cities.
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Vladimir Feltsman at piano with page turner

Humanities ·

Carmel Institute Fills Katzen with Music, Culture, and History

Concert and symposium featuring world-renowned pianist Vladimir Feltsman
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Lindsay Grace in Miami

Communications ·

Games at the Pace of News

Professor Lindsay Grace explains Newsjams, a game building experience linked to journalism and media digital
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