Graphic and Visual Communication Design Faculty

Program Director

Anna Leithauser Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Art

Anna Leithauser is a designer and photographer whose work focuses on the intersection of typography, photography and handmade processes. Her classes reflect her interest in multi-media design by engag

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Tom Elder Senior Professorial Lecturer CAS | Art

Tom Elder is Senior Professorial Lecturer teaching Graphic Design. He earned an MFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University. Elder has been professionally creating traditional design, signage, an

Chemi Montes Associate Professor CAS | Art

Chemi Montes’s (he/him) professional experience includes designing for print, motion graphics, and the web. Prior to and outside academic life, a combination of agency and freelance practice allowed C

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Catherine Resnick Assoc Professor CAS - Art

Throughout her career Kate Resnick has worked in design firms, publishing houses and freelanced projects and her work has spanned a collection of diverse and high-profile including the Discovery Chann

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Yana Sakellion Associate Professor CAS | Art

As a designer and an artist Yana works across mediums including graphic design, interactive media, and video. Her practice emphasizes interdisciplinary approach to making and conceptual inquiry, with

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Samantha Sekellick Adjunct Instructor CAS | Art

Samantha Sekellick is a graphic designer, art director, and communications professional with expertise in developing integrated communication campaigns. Her work has a multidisciplinary approach that