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Graduate Student Research Opportunities

Fellowship in Topological Signal Processing

Funding: Full tuition support and a competitive stipend is available according to applicant qualifications

Contact: Professor Michael Robinson

Citizenship: US citizenship is required

Description: Professor Robinson's research group seeks graduate students to work on problems involving SONAR target characterization and cyber network resilience. His research group is on the forefront of new ideas in applied algebraic topology and is breaking new ground with truly novel, sophisticated techniques. Therefore, students are not expected to be familiar with the appropriate mathematical tools (algebraic topology, sheaf theory, and signal processing), but the ideal student will exhibit enough mathematical maturity to learn these tools efficiently.

A substantial portion of the work involves the development of scientific software that applies the mathematics to data provided to the team. Although programming experience is not required, it is strongly preferred.

To apply to the fellowship, email a resume and cover letter to The fellowship is open to current graduate students or applicants at American University. This includes graduate students in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Department of Economics, and any other STEM master's student at AU.