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Careers, Internships, Scholarships

Mathematical Association of America Career Information
Career information for undergraduate students

American Mathematical Society Internship Information
Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students

Mathematical Association of America Undergrad Information
Information for undergraduate students

American Statistical Association Career Information
Resources on careers in statistics

Goldwater Scholarships
Scholarships for those who have outstanding potential and intend to pursue careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering

Actuarial Internships in the DC area
Contact Professor Nolan in the Math/Stat Department

National Energy Technology Laboratory Professional Internship Program
Opportunities to participate in energy-related research

Department of Energy Special Emphasis Program
Opportunities to participate in ongoing research and related activities at the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science

Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Mathematics
A list of REUs in Mathematics from universities all over the U.S.

Math-Related Software

AMS TeX Resources
Offers access to a family of TeX-related products for the convenience of authors and MathSci searchers

Integrates a numeric and symbolic computational engine, graphics system, programming language, documentation system, and advanced connectivity to other applications

Used to perform, document, and share calculation and design work

Numerical Algorithms Group
Used in industries as diverse as financial analysis, science and engineering, and in academia and research.

Numerical Recipes
Developed by Numerical Recipes Software and published by Cambridge University Press

Professional Associations and Tutorials

MAA: Mathematics Association of America
Largest professional society that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level.

American Mathematical Society
Founded to further mathematical research and scholarship through programs and services

Math World
Web's most extensive mathematical resource

Math Forum
A leading center for mathematics and mathematics education on the Internet


Math History & Art

What is Mathematics?
Have you ever wondered how to define "mathematics"?

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
Math-related information through different indexes

Greek Mathematics and its Modern Heirs
Greek mathematicians and their work in the exact sciences

The Art of Renaissance Science
Galileo and perspective


Miscellaneous Math

Mathematical Quotations Server
From Furman University

Math Fun Facts
Search for math facts by category


ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics 
Refereed, archival journal devoted to the study of discrete algorithms and data structures

Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae
Electronic version of the journal Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae, which publishes original research articles in pure and applied mathematics

Archivum Mathematicum
Issues dating back to 1992

Beitrage zur Algebra und Geometrie/Contributions to Algebra and Geometry
Publishes research articles in the areas of algebra, geometry, algebraic geometry and related fields

Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
Publishes expository articles on contemporary mathematical research
Subscription needed to read full article

Documenta Mathematica
Refereed journal covering all fields

Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Publishes papers in all branches of discrete mathematics, including combinatorics, graph theory, discrete algorithms, etc.

Electronic Journal of Differential Equations
Publishes research related to differential equations and their applications (ODE's, PDE's, integral equations, functional differential equations, etc.)

Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra
A publication of the International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS), publishes mathematical articles on matrix analysis and the various aspects of linear algebra and its applications

Electronic Journal of Probability
Publishes full-size research articles in probability theory

Electronic Communications in Probability
A sister journal of EJP, publishes short notes, survey articles, and research announcements in probability theory

Electronic Library of the EMS (ELibEMS)
Publishes refereed papers from any field in mathematics

Electronic Research Announcements of the AMS
Publishes research announcements of significant advances in all branches of mathematics
Subscription needed to read full article

Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis
Publishes developments in numerical analysis and scientific computing

Journal of Approximation Theory
Devoted to advances in pure and applied approximation theory and related areas
Subscription needed to read full article

Journal of the American Mathematical Society
Devoted to research articles of the highest quality in all areas of pure and applied mathematics
Subscription needed to read full article

Journal of Symbolic Computation
Directed to mathematicians and computer scientists who have a particular interest in symbolic computation
Subscription needed to read full article

Journal of Lie Theory
Publishes information in Lie algebras, Lie groups, algebraic groups, and related types of topological groups

Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal
Publishes papers in mathematical physics and related areas

Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive (mp_arc)
An electronic archive for research papers in Mathematical Physics and related areas

Mathematics of Computation
Devoted to research articles in computational mathematics
Subscription needed to read full article

New York Journal of Mathematics
Refereed mathematics journal, broadly based, from the University of Albany, State University of New York

Journal of Nonlinear Science
Publishes papers that augment the fundamental ways we describe, model, and predict nonlinear phenomena

Notices of the American Mathematical Society
The membership journal of the American Mathematical Society
AMS web account required

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Devoted to shorter research articles in all areas of pure and applied mathematics
Subscription needed to read full article

Seminaire Logaringien de Combinatoire
Refereed electronic form of the proceedings of the periodical seminars, which reflect a European focus in Algebraic Combinatorics

Southwest Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
A peer-reviewed journal

Theory and Applications of Categories
A refereed journal

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society
Devoted to research articles in all areas of pure and applied mathematics
Subscription needed to read full article

Ulam Quarterly
Math e-journal