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For Prospective Students:
Phone: 202-885-6500
Fax: 202-885-1025
E-mail: facounselor@american.edu

For Current or Continuing Students:
Phone: 202-885-8000
Email: financialaid@american.edu

Contact Information

Degree Status

Students must be enrolled in a degree program at American University to qualify for University-administered financial aid.

University grant aid is not available to students who are pursuing a second Bachelor's degree.

Summer Enrollment

Scholarships and University grants are available only for enrollment during the fall and spring semesters. If you meet other eligibility criteria, federal and state financial aid and credit-based loans may be used for summer enrollment.

Study Abroad

Some types of financial aid cannot be applied to study abroad programs. If you are going abroad though the AU Abroad program, then you can receive the same aid as you would if you remained on campus, with the exception of Federal Work Study.

American University scholarships and grants may not be applied to non-AU programs. If you meet other eligibility criteria, federal and state financial aid and credit-based loans may be used for study abroad outside of AU Abroad.

Less than Full Time Enrollment

If you enroll less than full-time, your eligibility will decrease and your financial aid may be reduced or canceled.

Changes in Enrollment

Any changes in enrollment may result in a re-evaluation of your financial aid eligibility. Please contact AU Central or your academic advisor prior to dropping any courses to determine what impact if any there will be on your financial aid award package.


You must attend your courses to remain eligible for the aid that has been awarded. If it is determined that you never began attendance, aid for that semester will be cancelled and returned to the appropriate aid programs.

Financial Aid Deadlines

Early Decision I: CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE: Nov. 15, FAFSA: Feb. 1
Early Decision II: CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE: Jan. 15, FAFSA: Feb. 1
Regular Decision Freshman: FAFSA & CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE: Feb. 1
Transfer: FAFSA & CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE: Mar. 1
Current (Continuing) AU Students: FAFSA: May 1

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