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Are scholarships available for graduate students?

Graduate scholarships are offered by the academic departments. The Office of Financial Aid does not administer these offers. The deadline for most scholarship applications is February 1. Please contact the graduate admissions office at your school or college for more information on applications and deadlines.

United Methodist Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is offered each academic year to new full-time graduate students who have held membership in the United Methodist Church for at least two years, have strong academic skills, and are either U.S. citizens or permanent residents. The Office of Graduate & Professional Studies has more information about this scholarship.

Hart A. Massey Fellowship

This fellowship is offered each academic year to one or more incoming Canadian students pursuing graduate studies full-time at American University. The fellowship is applied to tuition charges. The Office of Graduate & Professional Studies has more information about this scholarship.

Restricted/Endowed Awards

A limited number of private AU scholarships that are funded annually or through an endowment by gifts from donors are available. Eligible applicants are automatically reviewed and a separate scholarship application is not required. Criteria may be based on merit, academic program, need or other factors as designated by the donor.

Offers are not announced until after the start of the fall semester. Offers range from $100 to $10,000 and are not renewable.