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Research and Clinical Training
Opportunities within the Department

The Psychology Department offers a variety of research and clinical training opportunities. Because of the experience that you can gain from participation in these projects, we encourage you to become actively involved. Your participation can take many forms, ranging from research in Independent Study projects, scholarly analysis through Independent Readings and direct clinical experience through Internships. These projects and experiences are coordinated by individual faculty in the department. Each requires special permission. Consult your advisor for details. Academic credit for these activities may be obtained by registering in any of the following courses.

  1. Independent Study Project in Psychology (PSYC-490)
  2. Independent Reading Course in Psychology (PSYC-390)
  3. Internship (PSYC-491).
  4. Work in Faculty Laboratories or on Other Research Projects under faculty member supervision (PSYC-390 or PSYC-490)

The Psychology Department is committed to supporting undergraduates in animal and human research and in clinical training and evaluation. Please visit the Psychology Department faculty research page to view their areas of interest and expertise. Feel free to contact them to discuss their work, inquire whether they would be available to supervise you or simply to talk about shared interest.


Students interested in taking part in an internship should do the following:

  • Find an internship that is clearly in Psychology. You may consult with faculty for ideas or talk to the faculty member who teaches the internship course (PSYC-491 001). A current list is available from Dr. Gray (x1716) as well as a list of parents of autistic children who need college students to work with their children. Also, on the landing as you come up the stairs from the second to the third floor in the Asbury building (South Wing), you will see an undergraduate bulletin board with lists of internship placements and families looking for students to work with their autistic children. A listing of recent internships is available at this web page and is updated regularly.
  • You should spend at least fifteen hours per week at the placement if your internship is for three credits. You should be supervised by a licensced mental health worker.
  • You should plan to meet regularly once a week in a group with the faculty member in charge of the Internship course. You will be asked to keep a journal and read books and articles that relate to your placement.

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