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Full-Time Faculty Research Interests

  • Anthony H. Ahrens, PhD, Chair
    Gratitude, mindfulness and fear of emotion
  • Laurie Bayet, PhD
    Early visual, cognitive, and social-emotional development, with particular focus on facial emotion perception in infancy and early childhood
  • Nicole Caporino, PhD
    Improving access to and outcomes of cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder in youth.
  • Michele M. Carter, PhD
    Anxiety disorders, African-American issues, cognitive therapy, depression
  • Laura Duval, PhD
    Social cognition, stereotyping and prejudice, media violence.
  • Noemí Enchautegui-de-Jesús, PhD
    Impact of stressors on family processes
  • Bryan D. Fantie, PhD
    Human neuropsychology, behavioral & cognitive neuroscience, brain dysfunction, cognition, emotion, head injury, behavioral genetics
  • Maria Gomez-Serrano, PhD
    Neuroscience, basic physiology, immunoreactivity, epigenetic factors in drug abuse, maternal behavior in drug use and abuse
  • Kathleen C. Gunthert, PhD, Director of Clinical Training
    Stress and coping, depression, cognitive therapy, body image, anxiety
  • David A.F. Haaga, PhD
    Cigarette smoking, depression, trichotillomania, assessment
  • Erica A. Hart, Ph.D.
    Implicit biases and other nonconscious processes, body image, cross-cultural issues.
  • Nathaniel Herr, Ph.D.
    Interpersonal functioning, emotion regulation, and identity disturbance among individuals with borderline personality disorder and related affective problems.
  • Laura M. Juliano, PhD
    Smoking, caffeine, drug expectancies, placebo effects, anxiety
  • David N. Kearns, PhD
    Learning, conditioned inhibition, stimulus control, drug self-administration
  • Zehra Peynircioglu, PhD, Director, MA Program
    Human memory and metamemory, cognition in general
  • Arthur G. Shapiro, PhD
    Visual perception and cognitive neuroscience
  • Jonathan Tubman, PhD
    Health risk behaviors among adolescents in treatment for substance abuse problems; brief motivational interventions for reducing sexual risk behavior and related risk behaviors.
  • Brian T. Yates, PhD
    Program evaluation (cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit analyses) applied to almost any human service system (e.g., substance abuse treatment, supported housing, paraprofessional and consumer operated services)