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Maintenance and Repairs

The facilities team in Housing & Residence Life works to support the delivery of safe, secure, and well-maintained residential environments. Students can do their part by submitting maintenance requests when appropriate and keeping their living space clean.

Residents of the Frequency should submit all maintenance and repairs through the instructions on the Frequency webpage and not through 2FIX.

Report maintenance and repair requests through the 2FIX Facility Repair Request form on your myAU Portal. 2Fix Customer Response staff review, process, and assign Facility Repair Requests daily (Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-6 p.m.). Requests are prioritized based on Facilities Management's standard response time policy, which categorizes facilities issues as an emergency, sensitive, or routine.

Once a repair request has been processed, a work order is created and assigned to a technician. A technician responds to the issue for evaluation and repair. Depending on the nature of the work, it may be fixed immediately, or may require parts to be ordered. The technician will update your ticket in 2Fix letting you know the status and provide information on any future work that may be needed. Once the work order has been complete, you will receive an automated email from 2FIX letting you know the work has been complete.

In the event of an emergency or sensitive situation, contact 2FIX by calling (202) 885-2349. Emergencies are situations that demand immediate response to protect and save lives and property (i.e. elevator trap call, fire, fire alarm, leak, flood, power outage, major equipment failure, etc.).

Learn more about how the 2FIX Customer Response Center processes requests.

Mold and mositure control window clings and magnets were placed in all residential rooms to inform residents about methods to reduce the impact of air moisture in their room. Residents should report mold and moisture through a 2Fix ticket.

To learn more about how AU addresses mold concerns, please to visit AU's Risk Management website.

University Facilities Managment maintains the building temperature policy. This policy establishes the optimal temperature ranges of University facilities necessary to balance human comfort, productivity and sustainability objectives of the institution in accordance with applicable standards, laws and regulations and best practices.

Details of the policy can be found here.

What You Can Do

Submit a 2FIX ticket to the 2FIX Customer Response Center any time you see a rodent or have a bug issue. You have several ways to submit a ticket, including through your myAU Portal(preferred), by calling 202-885-2349, or emailing

Report when and where you have seen the rodent or bug. If you see gaps in windows, doors, or walls, we want to ensure these are sealed to prevent pest entry into your room or apartment. It is normal for there to be a small gap under your door to allow for natural air flow.

  • Stop the bait. Keep all food in airtight, sealed containers.
  • Toss the trash. Take out the trash. Housekeeping picks up trash daily, but you can report overflows to 2FIX.
  • Keep it clean. Regularly sweep, vacuum, and wipe down your surfaces.
  • Declutter. Pick up clothing and paper from your floor and closets to eliminate hiding places.

How Facilties Responds

A contracted pest control technician inspects and treats your space within two (2) business days after a 2FIX ticket is submitted. Follow-up by pest control and Facilities Management (FM) occurs in your space and the surrounding area as necessary.

During inspections, a technician looks for evidence of pests and treats them accordingly. If found, the technician reports facilities issues hampering treatment, including points of intrusion or leaks. FM makes these repairs within three to five (3-5) business days.

FM partners with a pest control contractor to do semi-annual preventative treatment in all residence halls. Technicians monitor building exteriors and treat perimeters of residence halls as a preventative measure.

Eliminating some issues may take more than one treatment or visit; and treatment cannot be applied if there is food, books, or clothing on the floor; unemptied trash; or general conditions that prohibit effective treatment. The technicians will return when the room has been cleaned.

If you are experiencing issues with any room ammenity, our Housing Facilities Cpecialists can assist to resolve those issues! On your AU Housing Portal, navigate to the Work Order tab and identify your issue as a Room Ammenity Repair. Your request will be routed directly to our Housing Facilities staff and they will coordinate a response. See below for a list of Room Amenity Repairs the team can resolve: 

  • Bed Setup
  • Community Appliances (Kitchens)
  • Furniture Issues (Drawers, Desks, Chairs)
  • Window Blinds
  • Mattress Issues
  • Wardrobes