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Policies & Procedures

American University has a strong commitment to the development of students, the promotion of civility, and the expectation that students will act responsibly. Housing & Residence Life (HRL) supports & encourages the development of residential environments that complement these goals.

Community standards have been established in the residence halls with a combination of the Student Conduct Code, specifically the Residence Hall Regulations, and the Housing License Agreement. In addition, HRL collaborates with the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices to ensure that residents live in an environment that enable them to achieve personal satisfaction and contribute to their community.


Residence Hall Guest Policy

  • Residents are permitted to have guest in their assigned residence hall.
  • Residents are required to register all guest at the community front desk of their building. Guest are expected to check out when departing.
  • Non-AU affiliated persons (this includes family members) are allowed to visit any residential building.

Living Agreements

Campus Partners

Hazing Report Form

This form may be used to anonymously report hazing activity. Every member of the University community is responsible for reporting actual or suspected hazing activities to the Dean of Students office or to AUPD as soon as possible.

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