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American University Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing services within Housing & Residence Life provides resources for students looking to live off campus.

While on-campus housing is guaranteed for first- and second-year undergraduate students, many upper-class AU students, as well as graduate and Washington College of Law students, live off campus in the DC-metropolitan area.

Off-Campus Housing Search Resources

This video provides important information to help guide you through your off-campus housing search, living in the city, staying involved on campus, and using resources related to your student rights as a tenant.

Use the Off-Campus Posting Site

American University's Off-Campus Housing Postings is the best resource students can use when searching for a new home. In addition to searching for housing options around the area, you can use the posting site to find roommates with similar interests and preferences. Signing up is easy, fast, and free.

If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact or call (877) 895-1234. For all other questions, email

Students searching for a sublet should log into the Off-Campus Posting Site, select 'Housing' at the top of the page, and then apply the 'sublet' filter under 'Listing Type.'

  1. Visit the Off-Campus Housing Postings and click "Sign Up".
  2. Select "AU Students" to sign up as a student through the Member Registration page.
  3. Fill out all required fields. Under the University Information section, you must enter your address. If you have yet to receive your AU student email address, please contact the Office of Information Technology.
  4. Once you have filled out all fields and have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, click "Register" to complete your registration.
  1. Go to "My Account" and select "Add my roommate profile". Fill out the information in your roommate profile.
  2. Once you have filled out the information on one page, hit "Save" or "Save and Continue" to go to the next section.
  3. Once you have filled out all required fields, you are done! You can return and edit information at any time.

Remember to deactivate your roommate profile after you have found someone to live with!

  1. Go to "My Account" and select "Roommate Search." This link takes you to a page with profiles of all AU students who are looking for housing.
  2. Narrow your search by selecting from the filters in the right-hand column. You can sort potential roommates by gender preference, smoking habits, pet ownership, cleaning habits, University affiliation, and graduation year.
  3. Click on the user's name to view the user's roommate profile. You can view the user's "About Me" section, neighborhood and housing preferences, move-in date, ideal price range, and more.
  4. Contact potential roommates through the Off-Campus Housing Posting site. Fill out the information in the "Contact" sidebar to send an email to the user's AU email address. You will be notified when they respond!
  1. Select "Housing" from the menu bar.
  2. Explore listings by scrolling through all listings on our site, or by filtering for characteristics. You can filter properties by location, lease type, rooms, price, and more.

Residential Housing licenses are required for all rental properties in the District of Columbia including homes, apartments, condominiums, basement apartments and apartment buildings. All properties listed on our site have submitted Basic Business Licenses in order to have their listings approved.

Graduate Student Housing Guide

This brochure provides a quick look at the most popular DC neighborhoods and apartment buildings for AU graduate students. 

  • Get background data on who they live with, what size apartments they rent, what the average rent is by apartment size, and more.
  • Sample Data: Top 3 neighborhoods for AU graduate students are Cathedral Heights, Bethesda, and Van Ness/UDC. 

Graduate Student Housing Portal

A comprehensive, custom site designed for AU graduate students that includes the Housing Guide and other housing-related resources.

  • Use your AU ID and password to log in.
  • Explore different guides for each of DC's vibrant neighborhoods. Includes highest-ranked apartments.
  • Neighborhood data on value, amenities, social life, management, safety, groceries, and transportation.
  • List apartments as well as furniture and textbooks for sale.
  • Discussion board to ask housing questions or find a roommate.